Turns out almost all staff working in ICT department at IEBC are from a certain, whether this is by design only Chiloba and Muhati can answer. Once again here is a leaked memo ny IEBC Chair Chebukati to Chiloba detailing what ails the electoral body:
IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati has suspended three ICT personnel said to have engaged in election malpractices.

They are director James Muhati, coordinator Paul Mugo and officer Boniface Wamae.

“Some ICT staff who were incompetent or deliberately and grossly misconducted themselves by carrying out acts of malpractices,” Chebukati said in a memo seen by The Star on Tuesday.

“The officers appear to have fallen short of assisting the commission successfully in discharging its mandate.”

In a memo to CEO Ezra Chiloba, Chebukati said the decision was made to restore confidence in the IEBC ahead of the fresh election.

Tentatively, the polls are slated for October 17 but there are talks the same might change.

Chebukati said the decision following the waning confidence in the commission’s ability to prepare and deliver a credible poll.

The Opposition had asked the electoral agency to overhaul the team it believed messed up the August 8 general election.

In a memorandum to IEBC, NASA demanded that Chiloba, ICT director James Muhati and director of voter registration Immaculate Kassait be excluded from the preparations for the new vote.

NASA alleged that Kassait is the Jubilee ‘hatchet man’ in the electoral agency and reports to State House on a regular basis.

In their memorandum, NASA said Chiloba as the commission’s accounting officer has failed to oversee crucial electoral processes and bears the ultimate responsibility for the failures

In his latest memo, Chebukati further notes that he is not privy to any plenary that confirmed only form 34As were to be printed with candidates names and security features.

“I require the supporting documentations including packing list of the forms printed and supplied by Al Ghurair,” he said.

He asked Chiloba to make available, copies of the training manuals guiding the usage of the forms.

“…and prepare a paper on how to ensure that the discrepancies about the forms lacking security features are rectified,” he said.

Chebukati said there was no reason for the commission to wait for the full judgement before it executes the changes.

“I reiterate that we need not wait the reasoned judgement to enable the commission commence rectification of any shortcomings that may be evident from the elections,” he said.


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