In the news this evening.
1. Sosion, who is nominated by ODM says that exams should be given priority over elections. This is a daft argument.

Children may be the future, but it depends what future you want to give them. If you have a Sh 5 Trillion debt, then there is no need of lying to yourself that they are important.

Guys if you have read about the Social Contract, if you have read the bible, if you have read History, you will know exams are most useless invention of man, and at no point can they be more important than elections.

Elections are about distribution of resources. Elections will determine how much a Turkana boy or girl in school, will benefit from the national resources that their community has been endowed with. One party for instance favours a 15 per cent retainment, another one 5 per cent. If the 5 per cent party wins, as it may, it means the boy or girl will remain being marginalised. If you dare utter devolution I will come to your house and punch you like Mike Tyson.

I have gone to school, done a million exams, excelled in most of them, but I have just accumulated student debt, can’t find a decent job, all because of politics and elections. So when you tell me elections are not supposed to be life and death, I look at you and pity you badly. This is not even about NASA or Jubilee. It is common sense.

I attended a Political Philosophy class, taught by one of the most charming lecturers Solomon Owuoche. He mentioned that Aristotle once said it is through politics that we achieve Eudaimonia (which is the highest human fulfilment, if one can translate Greece.). It is the reason Willam Ruto leaves a promising career in Botany and plunges himself into politics. It is the reason Bonny Khalalwe, can leave his Medical Practice and plunge himself into politics. You can name te million guys who left their promising career or practices to engage in politics. It is the reason when Uhuru wins you see people dancing Gatundu and Nyeri and People in Kisumu or Kibera mourn. And when the results gets annulled, the reverse celebrations happen.

So, next time you try that line about KCPE and KCsE, I will despise. For crying out loud, when I did my KCsE, I stayed out for two years awaiting admission into university. At University, I wasted another four years studying nothing. How many times have the teachers gone on strike? Lecturers? Nurses? Doctors? How much time do we waste on our roads in traffic. So, students can do the exams any time, just don’t tell me that at any given time exams will be more important than elections. That is shallow.

2. Some Nigerian killed a friend in Ruaka over a deal gone sour, what kind of familiarity is this? Scratches head.

3. ODM must learn to accommodate other parties in NASA. The kind of selfishness sometimes displayed, is what makes other tribes in the ethnic make-up of NASA gravitate towards Jubilee. I know the justification of numbers and why they must own the minority whip, but the process has to be transparent.

4. I have forgotten the third one.

5. Sleep well. Kesho enda kazi, hizo deni za China hazitajilipa.


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