Jubilee Party through advocate Kioko Kilukumi has moved to institute criminal investigations on Supreme Court Registrar Esther Nyaiyaki.

Their argument is that her report is different from the observations of Justice Njoki Ndung’u.

It’s not that they will succeed, the main intention here is to scare her off that the Mafia will come for her if she does it again after they bungle the upcoming October polls

The bitter and sore losers at the Supreme Court still haven’t come to accepting the verdict and the reality that a dubious presidential election that didn’t conform to constitutional standards has been nullified.

And this has happened with the sort of finality that the English language define as “cast in stone”.

So what are they doing now? They are finding scapegoats and bogeys everywhere. And they are finding them in all the wrong reasons.

What we are seeing is an attempt to remove all diligent Court officials and replace them with partisan political handlers they can manipulate.

So we are saying: Hands Off Ms. Nyaiyaki!

Had Ms. Nyaiyaki been Gladys Boss Shollei, who, as Judiciary Registrar in 2013 came up with a feckless report that downplayed the “discrepancies” during scrutiny and recount of votes then ordered, they wouldn’t be going after her.

To “fix” the judiciary they know they can’t change the laws. What they want to change are the personnel. They want to remove public servants who serve without fear or favor and replace them with the sort of fickleness and mediocrity that defined the Shollei-Kissinger era.


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