Kimilili Jubilee MP Didmus Barasa begs Ruto help in Sh4.2m car debt
William Ruto man Didmus Barasa

Kimilili Jubilee MP Didmus Barasa begs Ruto help in Sh4.2m car debt

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa has gone on his knees to beg William Ruto to intercede for him and help him clear a Sh4.2 debt he owes a car dealer.

Multiple sources confirmed that Barasa who fronts himself as a key Ruto supporter in Western, has on several occasions been at the DP’s official residence to put across his case. At one time, he held talks with Ruto and the debt matter cropped up with the DP being noncommittal.
Currently, the MP is facing a bankruptcy suit and if it succeeds, it will see him lose the seal as per the Kenya constitution.

Smart Cars Limited and Car Limited in court petition papers aver that the MP failed to clear an outstanding loan balance for a Toyota Land Cruiser bought in 2017.

Last year, a similar suit was filed at a magistrate’s court to clear the balance. It was agreed in writing that, Barasa to offset the debt in eight monthly installments. The MP only paid once after he received money from the DP according to those close to him. The MP was to pay Sh525,000 in installment.

Due to failure to pay, the car dealer’s option is now to have him declared bankrupt. The petition papers in court reads: “The said Hon Didmus Wekesa Barasa has failed to settle the debt,” prompting the dealer to file the insolvency petition.

During the 2017 general election campaigns, the MP was fully sponsored by Jubilee to a tune of Sh10 million. By then, his supporters fear was that although being popular, he did not have money to run his campaigns and was always spotted at his opponents Suleiman Murunga’s then popular Simmers Restaurant, city centre, Nairobi looking confused and begging for drinks.
Barasa entered into the car purchase agreement on September 25 2017 at a total cost of Sh11.7 million. He deposited Sh1 million and parliament was to pay Sh7 million. He was to settle the remaining Sh3.7 million by October 11 2017. A further Sh500,000 the MP agreed was to be paid within seven days of filing of the consent.

Another Sh462,000 was to be cleared in eight months deal paid before fifth day of every month. It has emerged that the settlement deal was brokered by cabinet secretary Eugene Wamalwa. Barasa is said to have visited Wamalwa and requested him for a Sh1.5 million loan to help him pay for the vehicle. Wamalwa instead advised him to enter a deal with the car owner to pay installments instead.

When the firm wrote to Barasa demanding payment in December last year, on grounds he had defaulted, the MP through his lawyer Wamalwa replied, “As you are aware, the practical position is the previous engagements with yourselves was at the behest of Hon Eugene Wamalwa and your clients are too well aware of the position. Even the installment terms were entered into at behest of promises and guarantee underlined by Hon Eugene Wamalwa”.

Already, High Court on February 28 2019 gave a go ahead for the dealer to advertise to suit in newspapers and Kenya Gazette. The case will be heard on March 26 and the MP is out to have Ruto help before it is heard.


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