William RUTO, Kenya’s so called deputy president has cultivated a larger than life picture of himself, almost consuming the entire nation’s polity.

But who is he?

RUTO is today among the nation’s most prominent, most talked about political leaders, enjoying a near fanatical following in parts of the rift valley.

We cannot talk about the real Ruto without looking back into the history of KANU, Kenya’s post independent party. Kenya has a young population and millions of them today are actually unaware of the political journey the country has walked in the post independent era!

KANU, a post independence party was brutally defeated in the 2002 elections and the margins spoke of the anger the nation had towards this behemoth.

They say the more things change, the more they remain the same. It is ironical that the guy the nation resoundingly rejected is the nation’s President today. Uhuru only managed 20% of the entire vote in 2002 and he conceded even before the entire vote had been tallied. The rejection was palpable. And humiliating.

The vote was hailed as the biggest step for democracy in Africa! But all did not go as planned as the victor, kibaki, betrayed the ideals of the second republic and restored KANU back to power in less than two years.

The voter’s opinion of KANU still carried five years on and in 2007, the country almost burned as a rejected kibaki refused to hand over power, instead chosing to unleash the police on the population, killing thousands and maiming even more.

But where was Ruto in all this?

RUTO was a senior member of this reviled party, rising through the ranks and serving as the all powerful secretary general!

In politics, a Secretary General  is a senior official within a political party  with the responsibility for the organizational and daily political work. In most parties the party Secretary General is second in rank to the party leader

RUTO was technically Moi’s deputy. You should remember that Moi was the dictator Kenyans had suffered for over 24 years. Ruto was even more powerful than George Saitoti, the then vice president.

Ruto was also the Organising Secretary of Youth for Kanu ’92 (YK92), a group that was formed to drum up support for President Daniel arap Moi in the 1992 election.

The young would not know that YK92 was associated with all manner of evils against Kenyans in their quest for democracy. The issue of fake currency can be traced to YK92. It has been reported elsewhere that fake currency will again play a central role in 2022. Lest we forget, the Ruiru discoveries of fake notes in billions should ring a bell.

In politics, a Secretary General  is a senior official within a political party  with the responsibility for the organizational and daily political work. In most parties the party Secretary General is second in rank to the party leader

RUTO had also been appointed to the position of Assistant Minister in the Office of the President by President Daniel arap Moi in 1998. He was promoted to be Minister for Home Affairs in August 2002. He also previously served as the Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Constitutional Reform in the 9th Parliament. Home affairs is the equivalent of interior ministry in the government of today. He was the matiangi of Moi era.

Ruto can present himself today as a hustler but the truth is contrary. He has been in power for much of his adult life and was even at the heart of all attempts at subverting Kenya’s nascent democracy.

As Secretary General, Ruto was basically KANU! And KANU was him. He is still KANU by looks and character. His modus operandi is even more KANU than anyone can imagine. He has never believed in pluralism and is still fighting it though discreetly.

KANU did its best to fight democracy through such means as buying defections, blackmailing politicians and outrightly marginalizing entire communities.

In the immediate period after the first multiparty elections, an opposition MP defected to KANU, even before being sworn in. KANU was on the offensive! Bonchari MP, Protus Momanyi defected from DP citing lack of internal democracy. He holds the ignominious distinction of an MP defecting to another party immediately after being elected on a different ticket.

But defections were yet to come! And in numbers. From western province to southern nyanza, defections were picking pace and the opposition was reeling.

Ruto’s KANU had always preached unity and development under one party rule. It had decided to fight competition and nobody had expected the fight to begin as soon as the first votes had been counted.

The Guardian of UK reported at the time that Ruto’ s party, KANU was offering as high as 20 million Kenya shillings to opposition politicians to defect. With no ideology, that was an offer worth taking!

20 million in the 1990s must have been worth a lot!

Buying even targeted local councillors! This desperation only proved that KANU was desperate and panicky. It new it had no support outside its strongholds.

2013 Jubilee was strikingly similar to KANU of 1993. Uhuru and his new catch Ruto went on a recruitment spree, targeting senior ODM politicians and stage managing rebellion.

Raila was pruned, so to say, with pillars around him not only being poached but also being encouraged to viciously attack him. KANU 2.0.

Ngilu, Balala, Duale and a retinue of other politicians fell over themselves attacking Raila and declaring that ODM was dictatorial and anti development. Remember KANU had used development as a tool to fight and punish opposition politicians. The toothy Ruto smiled from behind the curtains. He was the puppeteer and was happy at his job.

Jubilee has done its best to poach popular politicians and the people have done their best to fight back. Jumwa’s is a developing story. Before her was Charo who was defeated by Willy Mtengo.

Charo, the most popular prior to the elections had inexplicably defected to Jubilee and the people did not take it lightly, voting Mtengo. Jubilee then went ahead and still targeted Mtengo for buying and the moment he capitulated, the people left him for the current MP, Jumwa.

Do not forget the case of Gideon Mungaro and Chidzuga. Currently, a high profile defection is ongoing in Mandera in the name of Elmi and Ruto’s hand is all over it. Suddenly, ODM, The opposition party has its candidate inexplicably defecting to support the Jubilee party, weeks before elections and nobody seems bothered. A group of social media enthusiasts, young enough to be his children then storm the net with praises and jubilation, posting that the opposition party is dead.

RUTO with opposition candidate, Elmi

This move does not weaken Raila! It is a direct attack om democracy! People have to wake up and call it what it is. In fact, It would be correct to call people praising the Elmi and Kolosho move as brain dead.

These defections hurt democracy. They weaken political parties and confuse voters. They only serve to strengthen the concept of one party rule and remove the concept of checks and balances.

Opposition candidate withdrawing to support ruling party candidate, a week to elections. Standing in between is Ruto

It is instructive to note that Ruto is building a war chest for his 2022 run and part of his wider scheme is to buy off opposition politicians thereby reducing competition .

It’s equally sad that the people seem unconcerned and are falling for the money tricks of modern day con politics.

The bad economy has disempowered millions and politicians who dish out millions in orchestrated donations increasingly find favour with the people.

RUTO is also using the Russian trick of kompromat, looking for negative attributes and hammering away at them. In cases where there are not negatives, He creates them calling opponents such names as waganga while at the e same time presenting himself as a God fearing man.

He is also an accomplished liar and advent of sponsored hashtags have everything going for him. Not a single day passes without a haahtag with dirty connotations storming the blogosphere, all in his name.

Kenyans are falling for Ruto’s political con game and the sooner the people wake up to the realization of who the real Ruto is the better it will be for them.

RUTO already controls the media and designs questions he is to be asked, has a heavy footprint on social media platforms and is folding the church under his arms. The clergy is literally gone.

It is a fact to say that Ruto’s game plan is on course and the template remains that of KANU of the 1990’s. By the time Jubilee squeezes itself again into power in 2022, it will be KANU 3.0.


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