Eventful is the adjective and relieving is the feeling! Kenya’s president burst into the political scene having kept off commenting on daily political activities visiting the country.

The setting couldn’t have been more ironical! A prayer meeting featuring a traditional sect wearing turbans and dancing to local lyrics.

Uhuru joined the dance floor and enjoyed himself to the hilt. It must not be lost to observers that Ruto did the same a few weeks ago, hosting turbaned men at his official residence and using the same venue to fire snippets at Uhuru and Raila.

Ruto is a double faced sword, praising you while cutting you at the same time. The gold scandal is case in point. He kept attacking Raila while at the same time pretending to protect Uhuru and Maina Kamanda was quick to call his bluff saying, “We know your target! “

Uhuru feels cornered and his voting block is lost for direction. Ruto today has the audacity to organize a heckling squad deep inside Uhuru’s backyard and Sabina’s tears were not in vain. The message was passed to uhuru that Ruto’s is an invasion force, daring and rude in equal measure.

Ruto’s team believes the burden is on Uhuru to repay a debt he purportedly owes them. They have a plan to cajole him if need be. To attack his closest allies and to isolate him. Eventually when he is alone, Ruto will not hesitate to wield the sword that slays Uhuru for good.

In Rutos quarter are political novices who waste no time antagonizing the political scene, often times at the behest of Ruto. Their interests are nolonger aligned with Uhuru’s agenda 4 items and only Ruto’s presidency matters.

Uhuru’s outburst brings to the fore things which have been hither-to-fore, kept in the background. The discussion can now be put on the table and those who feel owed should now come out and claim their bond

Ruto’s camp keep on saying Uhuru wouldn’t have been president without them. That they made Uhuru king. That boss is always drunk and DP is the man wielding power. In their private talks, they belittle him.

Meanwhile, with the handshake, Uhuru feels safe enough to come out of the closet. His number one nemesis is now his main friend and he has enough wriggle room.

“They didn’t vote me, am the one who made them what they are…” he said. This sentence is telling.

Uhuru is clearly saying that if Ruto’s votes mattered that much, there wouldn’t have been reason to steal. The push and pull at the supreme court would not have happened. The servers would have been opebed for the world to see. Jubilee’s victory would have been celebrated at the gates of Buckingham palace!

But there was no such victory. There was a power grab. The turn out was poor in critical regions and even if they had come out in totality, Jubilee wouldn’t have won, still, on a clean vote.

The rerun was even more embarrassing! The turn out was devastating. Queues were empty even in Uashin Gishu, Ruto’s own backyard. The people who shout themselves horse today could not convince the voters to come out a second time.

To Uhuru, Ruto is clearly worth more on paper than in reality. By coming out, he is making clear to team Tanga that they only add sentimental value to Uhuru and his presidency. And that too is also not worth whatever it is worth.

Uhuru has made it clear to Ruto that he must stop threatening people. And on this Sabina, and other incidences were on his mind. The issue of tribal violence, for which rift valley is known also featured with Uhuru saying his people will do business anywhere even in the next 50 years.

Speaking in native gikuyu evoked tribal emotions and it was clear to Ruto that people easily fall in line when the riot act is read, going by the way the speech was being received.

Ruto must believe he has Uhuru’ s backyard under wraps and it is this gikuyu backyard which bearing the brunt of Rutos endless campaigns.

Ruto as deputy should respect his boss and design his campaigns in such a way that they are less antagonistic and more subservient. Nobody ever insulted his way to power.

Currently he is seeking to isolate the president even from his own people and going by the look of things, the strategy is backfiring.


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