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7 Shot Dead in Nairobi

Police in Nairobi yesterday night shot dead seven suspected gangsters in a failed robbery in Industrial Area.

The seven are alleged to have stolen gas cylinders in a go down in the area when an alarm went off and alerted police officers who responded quickly.

Five other suspects were arrested and several stolen gas cylinders recovered from a lorry parked near the facility according to police sources.

The suspects had stormed the Softa godown and held two guards hostage before they began to load the gas cylinders onto the lorry.

They also took hostage of another truck that was ferrying empty gas cylinders into the facility.

Richard Kerich, the Nairobi Deputy Police Commandant said “Police were alerted and managed to kill the seven on the spot as they tried to flee. We recovered crude weapons from the men.”

police also managed to recover a toy pistol, claw bars, axe, and machetes from the robbers.

The bodies of the seven were moved to the mortuary and friends and relatives are expected to show up and identify them.

The incident marked the largest number of suspects killed by police this year in a single incident.

Police informed that they have enhanced patrols in areas of the city for purposes of curbing criminal activities.


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