Raila odinga birthday in Mombasa
President Uhuru Kenyatta leading members of Odinga's family in celebrating his birthday

The handshake was a total surprise and the effects are still unravelling, reverberating across the political scene, causing upheaval upon upheaval.

Few expected a rapprochement would occur. The positions were entrenched and emotions, raw. Many wanted blood, and deaths in the opposite camps caused joy instead of the usual revulsion.

The Luo community has borne the brunt of political violence which visits Kenya with each presidential election. The police shoot Luos for sport, club them, rape them and even have the audacity to call such acts, “Rambo movie scenes.”

This violence transcends all age groups. It cares little about sex or position in society. Senior Luo politicians have died questionable deaths, from Michael Ofafa, the first luo to die in the hands of Kikuyu to Chris Msando.

The 2007/ 2008 deaths went beyond the thousand. The PNU section cared less about the will of tbe people and unleashed untold suffering on poor Kenyans, moreso the supporters of Raila Odinga.

The transition of 2013 was somehow peaceful but it ushered into office a lot with the coldest of hearts. The police even became bolder, daring Luos to come to the streets with the infamous of all riders, “we’re ready for you!”

It is an open fact that Raila has only lost one election, that of 1997. He resoundingly won the 2007 but lost the prize. Both 2013 and 2017 are another story all together.

RAILA faced off with a dangerous party, Jubilee, a party which had decided to strong arm politics! His son Fidel, died a mysterious death and it left Raila deeply hurt.

How best can you defeat a dynasty than to kill their children? Jubilee had a plan spanning 50 years and their only threat was a figure, disenfranchised Kenyans could coalesce around. If Raila was dynamite, then Fidel was going to be the bomb. Furthermore, he had a popular name, Fidel, a name which was a power itself.

Do not forget that the lieutenants in Jubilee had declared war on what they conveniently term “odinga dynasty”. It is an open fact that the Odinga family is the only persistent thorn in their flesh. It distracts from “eating “

Fidel’s death left a hole in the family and Rosemary moved to fill it. No sooner had Rosemary, Raila’s daughter, declared interest in politics than she mysteriously fell ill. It was and still is confounding! And to add insult, she partially lost her sight.

The Odinga family has paid a bigger price in the quest to democratize Kenya. Meanwhile the guys on the other side continue to gluttonously amass wealth.

Jomo Kenyatta wouldn’t have been President were it not for Odinga Adonija, Railas father. It was beffudlung that Kenyatta kicked Odinga to the kerb as soon as he was comfortable in office. He also jailed him. To use the term house arrest is to try to coat it. Kenyatta jailed Odinga, a man who had handed him the presidency in a silver platter.

Moi walked the Nyayo footsteps and even tightened the noose further around the Odunga family. It was nolonger just a political war. It took an economic angle with Moi the teacher prefering the carrot and stick in dealing with the populace. For the Odinga’s Moi adopted a scorched earth policy.

To wrap it up, the jubilee government has not only visited injustice on Raila, It has also used evil tactics on them. The deaths of children will haunt them. Pendo’s death will not be in vain. The ramming of innocent civilians in public streets, the insults, the objectification of Luos and many others.

In their games Jubilee invoked God, calling Raila all manner of names. They attributed their win to God and their support bases swallowed the line. I am sure the jubilee mandarins know there is no God in their dealings. They also know God hates those who invoke his name in vain.

Uhuru is serving his last and final term and perhaps he has started to introspect. He is also wondering if at all anything was worth the effforts.

Introspection widens perspective and you begin to look at the angles which were not clear before.

The bible is clear especially on the matter of sin. It says that all sins will be forgiven except the big matter of blasphemy. You falsely invoke God in your Schemes and be sure you will fall afoul of his wrath.

Uhuru has sharply pivoted towards Raila, a man whose household has suffered the most. Arguably!

Uhuru is a parent and wouldn’t countenance a situation where any of his children become “fair play” in politics.

He is currently walking Raila’s shoes, sharing in his pain, ordering his guys to respect Amolo. It is a surprise but for me, ATONEMENT would be the best word to use in the current circumstances.

He will spread the carpets for Raila, visit him, attend his birthday parties, carry Raila’s grandchildren and hope towards a future where God looks at him with a fair eye. What else would you call that?


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