Unfortunate reports are coming through that two people have passed on with 32 others getting admitted in isolation wards, all because of Cholera.

According to the health officer, Sanyi Gitau, all patients presented signs of the disease.

He has consequently advised all residents to, “wash their hands after using the toilet, boil water before drinking and observe hygiene when cooking.”

The painful truth is that cholera falls under the list of diseases of poverty! Cholera is a disease that is mostly prevalent in poor households and this outbreak couldn’t have brought out the truth in a better way.

The common folk in central province are desperately poor!

All diseases of poverty are co-morbid and always ubiquitous with malnutrition.

Central province has naturally divided itself into two distinct groups: the haves and the have nots.

The rich from central province heartland boast of having a huge stake in the economy! They are so removed from the plight of the poor men of central province and only rush in to mitigate the arising issues to forestall political fallout.

These guys can only suffer from lifestyle diseases and will not find themselves sharing the Thika Hospitals with their other poor kin.

The water situation in central province is as a result of environmental degradation. There’s an acute shortage of water occasioned by inadequate rains.

The water towers are in dire straights and not a thing has been done to protect and restore them.

The poor folk are now being forced to turn to dirty, contaminated rivers, the likes of Gathwariga for drinking. And one resident has rightfully said, “I think the water we are drinking from River Gathwariga is the cause of the outbreak. We urge the county government to take water from the river to a laboratory for testing,”

The irony of all ironies is the fact that Central Province is the seat of political leadership in this country.

They enjoy a disproportionate share of state resources and it is a surprise that today, it Central, of all Kenyan provinces, that is grappling with problems associated with acute poverty.



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