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Bob Godec – Speculating About Kenya’s Future Is Wrong.

By Oginga Randiki

I have just read the statement by the foreign envoys in Kenya. I am aghast. I strongly disagree with statement by ambassadors and high commissioners to Kenya in advance to the new presidential election.
I will start with their view on Press freedom. The envoys should sincerely apologize for the false start on the paragraph concerning the press. Surely, a section of electronic media reduced itself to a partisan political pundits beaming willfully beaming fake presidential election results transmitted from Jubilee tallying centre.

The Press is yet to assure Kenyans whether or not it was a momentary lapse in restraint caused by a deadline-induced political heat or transmission or technology failure. This leaves us the NASA brigade with questions as what exactly was the role of a free and independent press in a democratic society? Is it to be a passive conduit responsible only for the delivery of information on behalf of a ruling a party and its members? Is it to aggressively print, televise allegation and rumors or statistics as the IEBC later referred to, the results independent of accuracy or fairness? Is it to show and disinform the masses that ‘vibaranga ya kompiuta’ won fairly?

No. The role of the press is to be the people’s eyes and ears, providing not just information but access,insight, and most importantly context. It ought to have devoted its time and resources to monitoring the electoral process to determine who’s doing the people’s work, who was corrupting the process.

The Press, just like IEBC’s technology deliberately failed to act as the democracy’s Angel as it is affectionately known.The ambassadors and the high commissioners have aroused our sense of anger defending the a few quislings in our otherwise vibrant media.

Secondly, granted the future of democracy in Kenya has had its critical challenges. Notwithstanding bad governance, we have witnessed significant growth, of course with assistance from the donor countries whose ambassadors and high commissioners issued the statement today. But that was then, now the country is in economic doldrums while it political affairs is uncertain. The country is in limbo.

But will this ungrowth continue unabated? What with an emerging brutal tyrannical rule? Or will a new power arise through a democratic process in which free,fair, credible and peaceful election is conducted and the winner comes out to take Kenya to a truly democratic path and a successful growth?

Our fear as a nation is that the US and EU selfish commercial, financial, political, economic and security interests are likely to compel them to impose their own heir to the throne of this great land of ours. I am saying this because our democracy has proved ill-equipped to combat the very tools we have created to sustain it. Power will inevitably become centralized in the hands of the very few imperialist agents and their quislings. I mean those who control the technology and their disproportionately attractive multinational companies like OT-MORPHO and Saffron and Safaricom and their ambassadors and high commissioners

We cannot be able to fix our problem of bad governance or unplug ‘vibaranga ya kompita’ from some vast computer grid whose Sever is in Europe as well as Canada, to which we have been enslaved and whose locations a taxpayers only came to be aware courtesy of the Supreme Count order upon Raila’s petition against horribly concocted results.

It is clear that justice has crumbled in our electoral process. Therefore to read a ambassadorial statement from the representatives of the so-called mother of democracy and civil society, concerning democracy, peace and security without mentioning the word justice not even once in their long statement is indeed an act of a high-concept comedy.

Thirdly, in the era of automated biodemocratic practices, the voter of today doesn’t understand so much the mechanics of electronic voting process. But an ordinary voter like believes that once a company is identified and contracted to supply the required technology that bind us to transmit and identify voter electronically, a voter who is also the taxpayers should never even imagine that the same company contracted to handle the technology would again connive with those charged with responsibility of conducting the election and one of the competitors in the election to defraud the winner of his victory. The silence of the ambassadors and the high commissioners speak volumes. This borders on selective memory which can only be associated with partisan political pundits.

How can Kenyans believe the ambassadors and high commissioners that the world is watching Kenya when such evil things were committed right under the noses of hi-tech hawk-eyed CIA and M16 operatives in Kenya? Are these criminal acts not committed by companies from the ambassadors and high commissioners own countries?

Finally let us call a spade a spade. Desperate and angry Kenyans will fight back the only way they know how. Peaceful demonstrations, if that fails, they will fight back the other only way they know how: exploiting the law to their advantage. Redrawing secession plan for self determination, forcing the wholesale creation of a new state.


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