Books to read

Books to read as we close 2017

1. How one man engaged the elite squad at Surgoi for 7 days- by Willima Ruto
2. How not to open servers- By Ezra Chiloba
3. When form the 34Beees finally Arrived at the SCOK- By Jubilee Supporters
4. How not to receive the news of Null&Void Elections by -Uhuru Kenyatta
5. The word ‘Demagogue’ is not an abusive word by @LarryMadowo
6. ‘We Shall Revisit’ by @HonAdenDuale and @kipmurkomen
7. How to become #7Millionstrong just in a week by @ItsMutai
8. How not to become an ‘Amicus’ by @githu_muigai and @ckanjama
9. How not to be famous by Chipukeezy
10. How not to carry out rescue in “Lake Nakuru” by the Kenya govt
11. How not to collect 38m in revenue a day in Nairobi and become broke in one month by Mike Sonko
12. How to blame Soros & @RailaOdinga for every evil in Kenya by @JeniferShamalla
14. How not to steal elections by- David Chirchir
15. How to escape from Kenya by Roslyne Akombe
16. How to not pretend you are in charge yet you are not by @WChebukati
17. how defect and re-defect by @IsaacRutoGov & @PeterKMunya
18. How to become @orengo_james in my next life by @kipmurkomen
19. How to develop a country via a portal by @OleItumbi
20. How to wake up server operators by Paul @Paul_Muite
21. How to steal from NYS and not be caught by @AnneWaiguru
22. How not to dab while you people are dying of Hunger-By Uhuru Kenyatta
23. How not to become a disabled Person by Nyokabi Kenyatta
24. How to become an election opportunist by Ekuru Aukot @EAukot
25. How to become a Police officer and kill Luos- By Mungiki
26. How to stage manage teargassing by Police, By Boniface Mwangi
27. How to become a Chinkororo commander and SC for interior Ministry at the same time by @FredMatiangi
28. How to circumcise the Luos na wembe ure ure by Moses Kuria
29. How to ‘Tibiim’ the police stations and Jagua by @Babu_Owino
30 How to Pray for Uthamaki rule extension and Uhuru Kenyatta by Christina shusho @JulieGichuru
31. How not to do Massage on Harvey Weinstein By Lupita Nyong’o
32 How to Follow Githeri Man and do a #JimmyWanjigiChallenge and forget about elections, Matiangi and his Chinkororo by The Kenyan Media
33: How Nasa wants to overthrow the Jubilee government by Erick Kiraithe
34. The ‘Exodus’ from Safaricom by NASA
35. How not to Bribe Raila Odinga, by Jubilee


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