Botswana president does something African leaders rarely do: quits.

Kenyans have been admiring the way Botswana conducted their Governance power transfer.

With that in mind I suggest that Parliament amends a few clauses in the constitution to allow for the following:

1. That only Four Political Parties be Registered and the rest be scrapped, this way funding will be easier.

2. That a brand new IEBC be constituted.

3. That the Party Presidential Candidate should not be the Party leader but only a member of that Party.

4. That Nominations be conducted by IEBC one year before General Elections and do away with the post of Deputy President post in the Party.

5. That all Political Party Officials i.e Chairman,Secretary General,Organising Secretary etc Serve for a specific period of time not exceeding ten years and be barred from contesting any elective positions during their term of office.

6. That after election, the nominated candidate for the Party which comes second in the elections becomes the Vice President of the Republic.

7. That the Nominated candidate for the Party which comes third in the elections becomes The Official Leader of the Opposition.

8. That both The Senate and Women Representatives be scraped and Parliamentary Constituencies reduced to 100 with 47 Nominated women; one from every County.

9. That Government Ministries be created by the Constitution numbering 17 only with a Minister and a Permanent Secretary per ministry, CAS post to be scraped and replaced with Departmental Heads appointed at the same time with the Minister by the Head of State.

10. That General Elections be held on the 3rd Tuesday of November every 5 years.

11. That the Swearing-in of the new President be held on the 4th Tuesday of January after elections.

*This way we will avoid all the friction,fractious noise and need for handshake at every election and forge ahead with the Development Agenda.


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