Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto
Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto at a past function



DP William Ruto made a major big tactical blunder over The Handshake when it was announced last March 9.

He ran away from it instead of running to it and embracing it fully like it was his own original idea and not of Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ruto and allies should not have shrunk away from the peace accord and putting up warning signs all over the place that there while peace was welcome there were no jobs open for the boys from outside.

Instead the right approach Ruto should have taken and I think it is the best one that would have forced Uhuru to stop in his post-handshake tracks was to hail the accord as a unique opportunity of rekindling the Kalenjin-Luo unity he and Raila enjoyed when they were in ODM 2007.

That approach would have resonated with Luo NYANZA which still bitterly regrets telling Ruto arrogantly to go jump in the lake. ODM has been on the decline ever since when Ruto subsequently walked out of ODM and set up Jubilee with Uhuru.

That event showed the Kalenjins to be the formidable king makers that they are in Kenya. Their alliance with Kikuyus kept the Luos at bay when Kenyatta senior was President. It replicated in 2013 and 2017. In 2007 the Kalenjin pact with Luos saw a disputed election that ODM claimed was stolen from them by Kibaki.

Therefore dangling the 2007 card of unity to Raila after the handshake would have caused shivers up and down the spine of Mt Kenya bloc.
There would be no alcoholic politicians drunkenly attacking Ruto and threatening to block his succession.

Instead there would have been a serious sit down with Ruto in which both sides would have put down their cards on the table.
High on the list of Kenyatta’s demand would have been a requirement that Ruto allies in parastatal looting the billions needed for Agenda4 be brought to book.

Ruto too would have demanded Uhuru to come clean on Gideon Moi.

In my personal opinion Uhuru’s debt to Mzee Moi should have been paid in full when Uhuru set up TNA in 2012. He should then have invited Gideon and his Kanu into a coalition alliance with Giddy as his running mate.
But Uhuru did nothing of the kind. He instead teamed up with Ruto to form the Jubilee coalition to which the Moi debt is non-transferrable.
Ruto should back off from fighting Raila. Instead he should hold the door open to Raila on the possibility of a new political alliance devoid of Mt. Kenya.

Deep down in his heart Raila cherishes the fulfilment of his dream of seeing 41 against 1 becoming a reality. This could be it if Ruto is smart enough to perceive it.

In the meantime Jubilee Coalition is hurtling towards becoming two warring camps which will threaten the unity of their government.

Should that happen the government would be unable to govern.

Remember the repeated vows by men like James ORENGO that Uhuru would not be able to govern Kenya after the disputed election?
This could well happen if Jubilee cleavage continues to widen.

Mohamed Warsama


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