The Supreme Court has returned a verdict and it is official that Felix Tshishekedi is the elected President of Democratic Republic of Congo.

But Fayulu and his supporters are not taking this lying down. He has declared himself President and called on his supporters to protest.

The call to protest takes the dispute to a dangerous stage. Protest can take a variety of forms and the most predictable one is violence.

It is also without doubt that the security forces will react with violence and a cycle will take course. Conflict now looks almost certain.

Besides elections, the presence of vast amounts of minerals is also a factor in Congo conflict and with it come shadowy non state players who are equally armed and dangerous.

SADC has thrown its weight behind Felix, calling on the rest of the country to fall in line.

It is telling that AU has come out strongly in support of Fayulu, calling for a recount and making it clear that it does not believe in the results as announced. That’s a first for AU.

The Congo situation is very delicate and the world leadership must move fast to cobble a sort of arrangement that can calm the tempers.

A conflagration has the potential to threaten neighbouring states leading to widespread human suffering.

The Ebola virus is also ravaging parts of the country and civil conflict is sure to export it. Nobody wants Ebola knocking on their doors.

Fayulu and Tshishekedi need to sit down under international mediation so that a workable solution acceptable to both sides is arrived at. If peace efforts are not expedited, a conflict of unimaginable scale will soon be here with us.


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