To critics and traducers of Raila, Kindly be fair, objective and balanced in your criticism

Kindly be fair, objective and balanced in your criticism. Be guided by contextual realities and intellectual sincerity as you wade through this discourse. Or maybe you have something beneath your rolled-up sleeves beyond fault-finding.

Its exactly 31 days since the historic HANDSHAKE. In any society governed by common sense, standards and precision, less than 31 days are not enough to identify key challenges and proffer long-term solutions to the systemic rots ailing this nation. Systemic problems are deep-rooted, some need institutional reforms not ego-validating cosmetic solutions…Unless you want Raila to turn stones into bread, but again, he is not a magician and it would be sophomoric to view him from such a watery lens.

Fact1: The first fruits is peace and relative tranquillity. No more running street battles, chaos, deaths, injuries, disruption of lives among other uncertainties. The dividends of this huge beyond the psychotic view of a middle-class Kenyan.

Fact 2: The shilling is greatly gaining against the dollar.

Can’t we celebrate these achievements as we patiently wait for the rest?

Why are people in such a hurry as if they think Raila is dying tomorrow and MUST now transform himself into SIMON MAKONDE to beat time? Simon Makonde was a fiction living in a utopia.

For hypothetical sake: Assuming you were to meet a lady, 1 month is not enough to know her, her people, solve her/their problems and make her pregnant and start a family. Assuming you were to build a strong better house, one month is not enough even with the best technology available. It is logically incoherent.

This debate is getting polluted by a clan of hasty intellectually-insincere pessimists. Same bunch of ‘confusionists and illusionists’ who’ve watched Pentecostal pastors using vagueness to promote mediocrity through spiritual quackery….they have now taken a cue with much gusto to gaslight the nation with dishonest, decontextualized, fallacious thoughts to berate the handshake.

Give Raila a break! He is making omelet with the best eggs. This will take time.

To conclude in this Igbo wisecrack “It’s the patient dog that eats the FATTEST bone”.


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