Date Kikuyu Women At Your Own risk

Date Kikuyu Women At Your Own risk

By Albert Nyakundi Amenya (The Banana Peddler)

The rate at which Mt. Kenya women are murdering their spouses is alarming. Today I want to comment on those acts of extreme wickedness where two young men from Western Kenya were gruesomely murdered by their ancestral girlfriends from Mt. Kenya.

Last week, a 25 year-old Kenyan rugby star named Okombe was stabbed four times to death by his 38-year old girlfriend. Yesterday, a young man from Kisii Edu Ombata was stabbed several times by his Kikuyu girlfriend known as Njoki.

In my opinion the police should do the necessary and arraign the criminals in court and charge them with first-degree murder. The court should listen to the voice of God and man – and women – and sentence Mumbi and Njoki to hanging or at least give them life imprisonment.

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Those two women were possessed by evil spirits – Extreme anger. They share traits with armed robbers and terrorists. Just imagine, a woman stabbing his man once, then twice….blood oozing out…stabbing him again amidst wailing she stabs him again. No woman created by God can commit such evil.
The blood of those young men who perished in the hands of those Mt. Kenya women must be paid for. They did not stab themselves. After the judgement is delivered, I don’t think the two vampires will have the courage to appeal.
I hear when Mumbi was being arrested, she fell down and shouted: Jesus, have mercy on me.” Of course, she had read or heard about Jesus but she refused to obey the teachings of Jesus. I wonder what mercy she was seeking. Hardened criminals always plead for mercy when they are caught nonetheless.
There are great lessons to be learned from the couples’ experience. Most cultures in Africa encourage marriage (between a man and a woman only, please), but it is not compulsory. When a relationship is unhappy, it should not be kept at all cost and by all means.
Our young men should be careful when entering relationships with women from Mt. Kenya. If the relationship does not work, walk out as soon as possible. Had the four discovered early in their relationship that they were not compatible and had gone their separate ways and dated others, they would have been better off today. Now, two are dating death and the other two are waiting to date the hangman.
Needless to say, every crime must be punished both in this world and in the other world. But the fools never learn until it’s too late to seek mercy.


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