David Ndii Salutes The Luo
Dr. David Ndii

Kenya’s renowned economist, Prof David Ndii has dropped a bombshell, giving up on politics and condemning politicians as morally and intellectually bankrupt.

Ndii makes it clear that he volunteered to defend both democracy and the constitution and not to be used as a handmaiden for political preservation.

In a less appreciated tweet, Ndii makes it clear that he has moved on, surprising many who believed he was still with Raila Odinga.

“I volunteered for politics to defend the constitution and democracy, not to become a handmaiden to the self-preservation of a morally and intellectually bankrupt political class. I’ve moved on.” https://t.co/p04DRh6TPJ

The tweet was in response to one Kiprono Abraham who had wanted to know whether Ndii was included in the handshake deal.

It goes without saying that Ndii is both fearless and smart, going by the articles he has been penning of late.

The tweet betrays disgust and impatience at the pace of politics in the country. The leaders are not only shallow but seem to fail to grasp the duty which is calling upon them.

In the recent past, Ndii has written powerful articles, among them this: where he succinctly discussed the Kenyatta family.

Politics is surely for the patient!


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