The press is today awash with news of killings at the Gaza strip occasioned by Hamas attempts at storming and overrunning the state of Israel.

They have christened it The Great Marches of Return, caring less about the facts that Israel is a sovereign state  protected, as all other countries are, by UN charters.


The conflict in the middle east has dragged  for decades, spurred on by a mix of toxic religious doctrines and cultures. The middle east is a tinderbox and any move, however well intentioned is sure to excite tensions.

The Trump move is neither here nor there since it is the responsibility of a sovereign state to chose itself a capital abs it is in that capital that friendly States will have their embassies.

Hamas is cornered. It is scapegoating. Remember it was actually supposed to hand over power to Fatah in the Gaza strip. They are simply creating a deadly ruse, using a disappointed people as pawns in their power games.

Sanctions and blockades have crippled the organization and they have to do something to get out of the self dug hole, ergo the call to return marches.

It is now virtually impossible for Fatah to come back seeing how poisoned the environment is. It is said elsewhere that people elect governments they deserve.

Hamas is designated as a terrorist organization by major world powers including the EU and it was surprising to see the voters endorse them at the box. There is this well known saying: never bite the hands that feed you! Before Hamas ascended to power, Palestinian populations were well funded by international aid organizations, including Trump’s USA.

The Gaza strip has only known death and desolation since the election of Hamas. History repeats itself and am reminded of what Hitler told Speer when the latter contested the order for total destruction of Berlin.. Hitler reportedly said that the people themselves invited the ‘misfortune’ of Nazism when they elected him into office. Basically, Gazans knew what they were getting into by electing Hamas.

The borders separating Israel from Palestinian territories is not an ancient thing. The building of the walls was ordered by Ariel Sharon following increased spates of suicide bombings targeting Israeli populations including school children.

The building of the walls eliminated the suicide bomb threat while at the same time locking out Palestinians from freely accessing Israeli economy.

Hamas has done its best to infiltrate the walls and they lately concentrated their efforts in building tunnels under the same into Israel. These tunnels have been used to smuggle weapons and goods back into Gaza.

They have also used them to conduct raids deep behind enemy lines. Gillat Shallit is a case in point.

But Israel has not sat back and recently pioneered a new technology for detecting and destroying tunnels however deep.

The net effect of this new move has seen Hamas resorting to more overt moves at storming and attacking Israel using a new weapon, the masses.

Populations are being incited into marching on the border under the guise of peaceful protests while there are behind the scene moves at storming and overrunning Israel using numbers.

It must not be lost to observers that Israel is a distinct state protected by the UN charter. Israel is not a province of Gaza. It is a country with distinct borders and it is the responsibility of the sitting government to prevent any breaches at its borders using force proportionate to the one attacking.

Grotius stated that men assign three just causes for war: Defense, recovery and punishment.

Israel is under attack! Hamas is not only inciting Gazans but also neighbouring States.

Article 51 of the UN charter is also clear on the fact that all member States have inherent right to defense. And no other member state can impair the right of the other to self defense.

Ask yourself what would happen if the border is breached and a hundred thousand men women and children overrun Israel! It would cease to be a state.

International Law also recognizes the right to self defense and even goes further as to lay the procedures for specific situations.

It is also clear under these laws that there has to be “necessity for self defense” and the response must be limited to that “necessity!”

Looking at the recent events in the middle east, the necessity to use force is clearly present. And the force has been proportionatel. Israel has not chased down the protesters into the Gaza strip. Soldiers are under clear rules of engagement: those who attempt to breach the wall do it at their own personal risk. No law protects them! They willfully invite death upon themselves.

Has it been instantaneous? Yes. Overwhelming? Loudly yes! Is there imminent threat to the survival of Israel as a country? Oh yes because Hamas is committed to the total destruction of this UN member state.

Israel has been left with no choice but to fight back. Often soldiers have very little time to deliberate and the situation has been very fluid. The threat has been huge and the response has to be huge too lest Israel us drowned in a sea on avowed haters.


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