The Teachers Service Commission is currently implementing a hastily designed policy of delocolization, where Principals and heads of institutions are transfered  to far flung stations away from their homes.

Delocolization is one of a raft of measures designed by Uhuru’s government to punish the teacher folk for participating in the last teachers strike which crippled learning for an entire term.

Kenya, like many other African countries face myriad problems especially, and mostly  revolving around industrial issues with the public service performing sub-optimally because of poor incentives to the workers.

The cost of living has always skyrocketed but the wages have always remained the same. Justice Nderi captured the plight of the teacher with his famous pro- teacher ruling.

It is sad that the government incompetently handled the teacher issue, rushing to court to appeal while also defying clear orders. The teacher was clearly offended as appeal after appeal went to their favour until a fixed bench ruled against them, eventually.

Uhuru also went ballistic, abusing teachers in the public service and derisively comparing them with teachers working in the private sector. Actually, there’s no love lost between him and a huge percentage of teachers. Don’t forget Ruto’s belittling words towards the same, calling them “watu wa  aeiou”

The push by the government never ended with the resolution of the strike. The jubilee government has always stayed on the offensive, coming up with policy after policy to not only disenfranchise the teacher, but to also reportedly keep them busy.

The false allure of punishment is really appealing to the TSC officers and often times you would hear them shouting at teachers who visit the various officers spread out in the country.

Delocolization is belatedly meant to fight tribalism, a vice promoted and fed by the politicians themselves.

Kenya is a country struggling under the weight of corruption and misrule and the politicians have always run to hide behind their communities when caught. It is now the teacher’s turn to sort out the tribal issue. How superficial!

Teaching as a profession is about family. Family is the foundation of any fulfilling childhood and teachers are in the business of naturing the same children.

Most teachers have married each other and these artificial quick fix punitive transfers will only serve to divide families, the sole foundation of any nation state.

Delocolization is not a honest move and the TSC has betrayed their intention by massively targeting teacher union leaders in these transfers.

Union leaders were the force behind the last strike and their transfer proves beyond doubt that even the government itself does not believe in the issue of fighting tribalism.

The fact is that the teacher and his Union leader must be punished for embarrassing Uhuru. Delocolization is just a cloak.

The teacher unions have also made their stand clear on this policy with KNUT saying, “Delocalization amounts to intimidation, and perfected form of workplace bullying as sometimes teachers are quartered in unfamiliar and hostile environments/localities they are not prepared to,”

Teaching must not be turned into a profession of vindictive wars. It must remain a profession of virtue, love and guidance. Marque, the government has adamantly refused to pay teachers who have earned higher qualifications and has instead gone for the failed TPAD project, purporting to insist that teachers will be paid based on performance, a very subjective process.

As long as the government will keep on with the moves to humiliate the teacher, the profession will always stay in the doldrums.

Teachers have always been symbols of authority and this ordering, humiliation and underhand moves will only go a long way in bringing down the force.

A policy affecting more than a quarter million citizens needs a deeper research and all the ideas so agreed upon must not only strengthen the nation, but also the family, for what is a country without these building units?


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