Dennis Itumbi Message to Kenyans after speaking to Jacque Marib

Dennis Itumbi Emotional Birthday Poem to Jacque Maribe

Dennis Itumbi has once again penned an emotional poem to embattled Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe for her birthday.

Itumbi wrote the piece to comfort Jackie Maribe whose birthday had also coincided with her date with the courts.

He recounted the rough experiences that the news anchor had encountered after she was linked to the death of Monica Kimani.

Below is the full poem

I wrote this one late,

Kindly carry it to the car as you go to court today,

That is why I slip this under your door,

Happy Birthday Jacque Maribe,

Been standing outside your door,

With pen and notebook,

Thinking how Tragic a year you had,

Impressed by the Magic you have,

Aware that like someone said,

A challenge, only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it.

So here my birthday note,

At least one day this year find a very rainy mid-morning, I will come with an umbrella,

So that, I can hold just one raindrop for you, place it on your bicep and watch it roll down.

I ask for no more,

Just a chance to watch you re-introduce yourself in 2019,

With your wounds – Yes.

With your visible scars – Yes.

But with fresh stamina..

Undettered passion

Because you are,

Jacque Maribe.

Happy Birthday!


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