Nigeria has stunned the football world by emphatically beating Iceland, a team that had proved it’s mettle by holding soccer giants to a one all draw.

Exitement has lit the soccer world with of the online soccer pundits declaring Nigeria through and Argentina out.

The truth is Nigeria still has to either beat the Argentinian team or least, secure a draw. Lionel Messis team ain’t no joke and they are also hungry to secure a spot at the next round.

The irony of it all isĀ  that Argentina hoped and prayed for Nigeria to beat Iceland so that they can then best them themselves, case of fattening a ram for slaughter.

A draw too, would still leave the Nigerian fate hanging on the results of Croatia Iceland meet. Croatia is already safe with six points from two clear wins and wilw not be under any pressure to beat Iceland.

It is possible for Nigeria to beat Argentina, seeing the bad shape they find themselves in but that again would be an uphill task seeing the kind of importance Argentina will give this match.

If Argentina reaches the finals this 2018, all plaudits will go to Nigeria. Call that football


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