Given that Luo Nyanza has had its fair share of absolute marginalization from successive regimes since independence, Ruto’s visit ought to had focused on reviving dead and the dying vital sectors like the cotton, sugar, fishing, and tourism industries.

Luo Nyanza has 70% of its population living below poverty line; below one dollar a day mostly due to lack of viable economic activities and as such anybody who cares about this part of the world should focus on programs that would have massive effects in matters vicious circle of extreme poverty.

Coming to launch ongoing projects without paying attention to things that are close to our hearts only increases our displeasure.

Finally, the decision to identify with known social misfits who are struggling to redeem their images is ill-informed and counterintuitive. In any case what’s so difficult in working with all the elected leaders in identifying the real issues ailing the common wananchi with the view if finding long term mitigations?

As the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya, we welcome you to Luo Nyanza any day, anytime but Sir focus on programs that shall break the vicious circle of extreme poverty and thus increased disposable income for the household. It’s not enough to connect our people to the national grid when they can’t afford the said power.

The visit was counterproductive.


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