Kenya never runs out of the queer, especially when it comes to politics. Each week comes with its load of drama, always bordering on the absurd.

The kalenjin nation has dominated the headlines especially on matters Mau and the people could not have had enough of their leaders. This is where parliamentarians claim, without any care, that rain comes from heaven!

This week we move to western where a viral video of a cabinet minister is doing the rounds.

In a long winding rumble, the minister struggles to placate Uhuru while at the same time going tongs at Raila Odinga.

Echesa dares Raila to sack him while thanking Uhuru for appointing him. The listeners are left confused as they can’t seem to relate how the appointing authority is not the firing authority.

He moves to narrate a story of his childhood, stating that he is a child who survived on eating traditional vegetables and is ready to be fired so that he goes back to continue to eat the same.

Raila Odinga has been a convenient scapegoat by the western politicians and it is now clear why the voters have always stuck with tinga. The bulk of Kenyan voters always make informed choices and some of the current leaders we have are as a result of computer tricks played on voters.

The leadership gap is obvious and attempts at unity are all but games meant to hoodwink the voters. A friend once said that if you want to mess a job, you only had to appoint a luhyia.

Wetangula lost the trust of senators at the Senate and has been going around blaming Raila for his woes at the assembly. Everybody knows that Raila does not sit at the senate. Neither doea he have control over the senators from NASA, a diverse team coming from all corners of the country. But still, Raila fired Wetangula, just like he wants to fire Echesa.

Western is beset with all manner of economic issues. The sugar industry is struggling. What with the flooding into the country by contraband sugar by well known jubilee wheeler dealers. In the villages,they tell the people it is Raila destroying their cane industry.

Pan Paper, the largest factory in the west of Kenya has collapsed and do not be surprised to find the clueless politicians blaming Raila. Ooh, they did it during the elections.

Their quest for unity is premised on attempts at cutting Raila down to size, not at coming together to combat the common problems facing their people.

If Echesa’s bromides are not bizzare, then a new scale has to be calibrated. It is a public fact that Echesa is a Ruto stooge in the cabinet and going by the political developments sweeping the country, Uhuru now seems to be suffering them instead of just firing them.

Raila cannot be an excuse for incompetence. Every Thomas, Dickens and Harrald are scrambling to poke him into an altercation and the more Raila keeps mum, the more frustrated they become.

It is queer that some careers have been built by constantly haranguing Raila and the sooner the politicians realize that a new season is here, the better it will be for them.


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