Ekuru Aukot Secrets Over Referendum Exposed

By Bob Njagi

I wish to express my concern over the manner in which Third way Alliance party is approaching the issue of the referendum. For starters, Ekuru Aukot has misled Kenyans into believing that his party had already collected over 600,000 signatures counting. The purpose of that misleading false facts was to create a public perception that the Third way Alliance referendum was popular which in fact is untrue.

Ekuru Aukot has gone ahead to ammend the constitution himself with his colleagues and now wants Kenyans to append their signatures on proposal which only he and his team cooked up to satisfy their own interest. We in free Kenya have taken a position that the people are the ones to submit proposals from the grassroots upwards which will then be harmonised to prepare the draft bill in accordance to the wishes of the people and not the wishes of the promoters of the referendum. As such #FreeKenyamovement #Peoplesreferendum is a people driven popular referendum initiative.

I have seen a communication from the Third way Alliance party seeking agents who will collect signatures and will be paid kshs 5/- per signature. If this is the case, how then did they get the 600,000 signatures they claim to have collected without agents ? Ekuru Aukot shouldn’t be allowed to play ping pong with the lives of Kenyans. We know that he is a gun for hire who can and will be used by the state to frustrate other genuine referendum initiatives.

As such Kenyans MUST reject the Third way Alliance referendum with the contempt that it deserves. Third way Alliance is simply conducting a PR Campaign positioning itself as a political player ahead of 2022. The ongoing exercise is merely a membership recruitment drive funded and sponsored by known persons who have an interest in 2022 general elections. The referendum to them is just but a means to an end and not an end in itself. We have seen many others like Ekuru Aukot come and go. Please let us avoid anything to do with the Third Way Alliance like a plague. It is a long con game. The usual Kenyan politics and politricks we have been subjected to for many many years.

It is only the #FreeKenyamovement #Peoplesreferendum that has a genuine push and desire for real change through the people driven popular referendum initiative.

Bob Njagi.
CoRe member.


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