By Adongo Nyar Kisumo

On the 8th of October 2018 taxify driver Misheck Mathenge Gitonga of 0722618595 conned my friend and I.

We made a trip from Unga House in westlands to kitengela athi river which usually comes to a bill of 1300 from town at most.

According to Mathenge’s trip bill my friend and I were to pay 4900. He forced us to pay the amount saying there was a surge. So I paid 2500 through MPESA and my friend payed 2400 through cash.

Later on we went ahead to complain to taxify about that, asking for a refund we later on were shocked to hear that Misheck had called taxify claiming we had only paid 2500. Its impossible for him to claim that because the person who requested the taxi whose name is Beryl is the one who paid in cash and I who just decided to share the ride paid through MPESA and I know for a fact he wouldn’t have let us off the taxi without paying the full amount.

Taxify accepted that the sytem GPS somehow had issues and that the amount 4900 was too much. Later on we realised it wasn’t really a GPS issue, it was Misheck Mathenge Gitonga who tampered with the system that charged us more than double. There were so many redlights for example on the trip we used approximately 1hr 30mins to get home, picking time being at around 7.30pm while on his billing from the screenshot below it says he picked us up at 6.18pm. This driver picked my call afterwards when I chose to confront him about the issue, he accepted that we did pay 4900 but later switched off his phone. We are pursuing this matter at the police and hopefully raxify isn’t in this sytem tampering thievery!

I want to shame this thief Misheck Mathenge Gitonga of 0722618595. Below are the screenshots of our complaints to tacify and their response.




    • A thief is allowed to support a fellow thief but you cant steal from everyone all the time. Go and steal somewhere else. Nonscence! Stick to your own lane


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