William Ruto and Gideon Moi in a past function


By O Nyachae
If senator Gideon Moi wants to be taken seriously, he needs to pull a major political earthquake. He definitely can’t beat the Sugoi thug in rhetoric or political strategy.

He has to use resources at his disposal; The billions of shillings in the Moi empire.

1. Use Media effectively; You own KTN, Standard newspaper, Nairobian & Radio Maisha, utilize them to the maximum. Enlarge your media presence and make use of other anti-Ruto media houses like Radio Africa Group’s The Star, Kiss 100, Radio Jambo, East FM, classic FM all owned by Kipruno Kittony, son of Ziporah Kittony.

Approach SK Macharia, he is ready for business and can punch DP anytime in his Royal Media Services group with the largest following in East Africa, use his Citizen TV and all other affiliates like the tens of vernacular stations. The entire Mt Kenya is ready for business with you and therefore a few million will see Nation Media Group run your propaganda with lots of zeal leaving DP Ruto stuck with his K24/Mediamax and KASS FM/TV which has little following.

2. Hire MPs/Senators/Governors, (Elected leaders are out for hire to endorse) for instance, Luhya and Coast MPs are loose cannons. ‘Buy’ like 20 MPs and Five Senators plus Women Reps at sh. 1M each to address a joint Press Conference to declare “Gideon Moi for president in 2022” to be broadcast Live on KTN. Then headline it in the Standard for 2 days. Buy political analysts to hype it on all mainstream media houses for a whole week.

3. Invest in Social Media; DP Ruto has the weakest of the social media, Itumbi who heads the Uhuru camp is now tilting towards Camp Ruto on the hope that if he wins come 2022 he will retain his job as director/secretary (or whatever they call it now) knowing very well that he is unemployable out their. But still Itumbi and co have reached blogging menopause (refer to blogger Jim Bonnie’s FB post last week), he doesn’t have the language of the youth (for God’s sake he is 38) by 2021 he will be +41 and thus cannot communicate with young voters of age 20 to 28 many of whom consider him an ancestor. Thus DP is acquiring an expired squad. Senator Moi Must enlist the young and restless online warriors in their mid 20s.

4. Ride on RailaUhuru handshake and tour Luo Nyanza/Western and Central where necessary apologize for excesses of Mzee Moi’s regime, invoke the system and call upon some perpetrators to come forward and seek forgiveness instead of hiding under Mzee Moi’s wings. Moi did not command Police officers and Special branch officers that tortured people, individuals should be held accountable, kwa ufupi kila mtu abebe msalaba wake. You may just end up conquering Nyanza, Western and Nyanza by taking advantage of the handshake.

5. Revive Mzee Moi network among the pastoral communities, Northern Frontier districts were KANU zones upto 2007, tour the region, engage and hire elders to endorse you.

If you do the above as preliminary step, pressure will pile on Camp Ruto and he will start acting paranoid and in the process cause many mistakes that will ultimately collapse his strategy. Remember he has many enemies, you actions will embolden Mt Kenya Mafia and even the Raila base to vanquish him from the political scene.

Now THAT, will be an earth-shaking statement.


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