Former Maseno University Student Leader
The late Joseph Kiarie

Former Maseno University Student Leader Killed by Matatu touts in Nairobi

By Our Reporter

Former Maseno University Student Leader Joseph Kiarie Ngethe has been killed by Zuri Sacco matatu touts in Zimmerman. The former Maseno University student leader got early to catch up with Christmas celebrations. His car is hit by a vehicle belonging to Zuri zacco at Zimmerman. He steps out and confronts the bus crews, sadly, the touts responds by beating him to death.

Joseph Kiarie Ngethe
The late Joseph Kiarie Ngethe vehicle at the accident scene

Here is Fredrick Tshombe Okango had to say;

I have been greatly saddened by the death of my former University comrade Kiarie .I am told he had a minor accident between himself and the Zuri Sacco matatus in Zimmerman.A misunderstanding ensued and it lead to a serious altercation between him and the crew where the tout beat him up to death.
Kiarie was my former University comrade .We were admitted at the university same day, same time 14 years ago , graduated same time .We played University politics together where he was elected sports secretary and at one point he was my hall mate.
I have lost not only a friend but a brother too .RIP Kiaria .

Zuri Sacco Matutu

The eyes now turn to the police and the killers MUST be apprehended.


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