How Confusion in Luhya will cost the community in 2022
Raila with the late Kijana Wamalwa family earlier today

How Confusion in Luhya will cost the community in 2022

By Ephraim Kamasasa

Abaluhya, let’s bend down and reason:

1. Senator Weta has completely parted ways with Raila. He is currently on board with Ruto in one train towards 2022 elections.

2. A week ago, Weta and CS Eugene met at Mabanga in Bungoma County and promised to bury the hatchet. Today morning, the family of CS Eugene paid Raila a courtesy visit. A talk that lasted for hours. Do you think Eugene’s siblings visited Raila without the CS blessings?

3. Eugene came on board in Jubilee through Uhuru. Meaning he is not Ruto’s stooge. The reason why Eugene and Ruto have never been that cordial and warm.

4. Lusaka is firmly in Ruto’s camp without no doubt. Lusaka and Weta politically run parallel. Between Weta and Lusaka whom do you think Ruto will use as the pointman in Bukusu region? Can Weta work under Lusaka? Can Lusaka work under Weta? One will most likely bolt out, my thinking!

5. Musalia has taken a low profile. He is not attacking Raila nor Uhuru. He is not in opposition nor supporting Jubilee. But he still maintains the warm relationship with Raila and Uhuru but not Ruto.

Now, I have questions and suggestions:-

a) As a community, where are we politically? Where is our position in the national political platform?

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b) Since Weta has taken off to Ruto camp, can Eugene and Lusaka swallow their ego and join ANC of Musalia? If NO, which party will they vie seats under come 2022 since chances of Ruto coming up with a new party for his presidential bid are high? To me I think, Eugene and Lusaka should either join ANC or form a new party.

c) Chances of Raila vying 2022 are high and higher. Eugene Wamalwa has enjoyed cordial personal and political relations with Raila for many years now. Lusaka too has no bad blood with Raila. Should both Eugene and Lusaka refuse to join ANC, can they then join ODM on personal terms form a new party and seek a coalition with Raila’s ODM? What I know is that with the blessings of Raila (ODM) Chances of Lusaka winning governor seat in BGM and Eugene governor seat in Trans-Nzoia are too high. Raila has good following in those 2 counties. A fact we cant deny.

What do you have to say?


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