INCLUSIVITY – Why Ruto is opposed to constitutional changes

Ruto talks as if democracy in Kenya is only embargoed by him. He wants raw power as in the constitution. But is he sure of winning in 2022?. He speaks as if Kenya’s democracy is the opiate of his mentality. A politician groups his tribesmen to dictate terms to a whole country (with 43 other communities) portraying himself as defender of his tribe. Ruto forgets he is the reason Kalenjin community became the only ones to vote against the current constitution. Luos and Kikuyus came together then but Interestingly, he’s the DP enjoying the fruits of the laws he opposed.

Why constitutional changes to achieve inclusivity..

Animosity, violence and deaths of our people associated with presidential elections in every election cycle must be stopped. We have witnessed this since independence where a winner takes it all democracy won’t encourage inclusion, peace and tranquility. Powers of the president should be dispersed to other levels of government like Prime Minister with deputies to run the affairs of the government. The Presidency appoints the PM and remains ceremonial — a symbol of national unity.

Communities feeling disenfranchised will be taken care of constitutionally and not by the whims and pleasure of a rogue president. The PM will be appointed from parliamentary party with majority (or a coalition of parties) seats. It can also be through a negotiated arrangement. Power is devolved from the centre to other democratic institutions contrary to what we have now.

Government headed by PM can be removed by either a presidential veto or majority MPs voting against it without necessarily taking the country back to elections before due date. Transition becomes easy, clean, less costly, less vicious, and without violence or struggles. Executive remains responsive and accountable to the people through elected representatives not to one man show in the current arrangement.

The constitution established justice, democratic tranquility, liberty, equality, equity, fairness and prosperity. These ends have been defeated since independence. We must find a way!.

Successive regimes became destructive by acts of corruption, unfair distribution of resources and blatant electoral rigging. 41 communities feels dominated. At one point, Kenyans drew a geographical line for Secession which is an act of exclusion. Tribes wants to be united against Kikuyus and Kalenjins to defeat domination.Shouldn’t we cure this looming danger by amending the laws to create inclusivity?.

A democratic model that is organic and natural is based on what our realities are what we want. A group of people shouldn’t force unrealistic concept that has failed Kenya so as to further their leadership greed, corruption, economic oppression, plunder and social exclusion.

Presidential systems aren’t inclusive but tends to be dictatorial and corrupt.

Meaning a transplanted democracy that won’t work in African setting should be amended. Its not organic and specific to a polarized, ethnicised and triballised society like Kenya. After Uhuru’s presidency, we’ll need an inclusive arrangement for all communities even Kikuyus for the sake of peace and tranquility. That system is best achieved in a parliamentary democracy.

Credit: Ogunyo Thiring’inyi


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