Kalonzo meets Wetangula to iron out NASA differences

The Increase In Political Chatter Is Proof Of Panic In The Political Class.

The Raila Uhuru peace deal continues to shake the political landscape. It came as a surprising shocker and many have not woken up to the reality that Kenya is walking a new political path.

The responses have been varied with the man on the street expressing a mixture of extreme emotions.

Most are confused with a huge bulk of politicians engaging in secret chatter, fearing not to be caught on the wrong side of history.

This captures the essence of Kenya’s political life. Politicians stand for nothing. There are no ideologies. There are men and women who have perfected the art of hijacking the crowds after joining the flow.

The most emotionally affected is the Kalonzo-Mudavadi- Wetangula trio. They have done their best to be apace with the happenings but most of the times, they find themselves playing catch up.

Wetangula is, without doubt, the biggest loser. He has found himself outfoxed and boxed into a lone corner. He no longer commands the respect and trust of his teammates at the Senate and as a consequence of that lost the most important office outside government.

His response has exposed the panick in not only his camp, but also that of Ruto. There are attempts at tribal mobilization with meeting after meeting, moving to help him out of the creek he finds himself trapped in.

The Ruto camp is equally bewildered. Kuttuny has called for caution even as Ruto moves to project a picture of a man protecting the embattled Tinga.

Raila moved to Kisumu and parts of Kisii land and the welcome he received tells it all, the people are willing to let him give dialogue a try.

Aisha Jumwa and her Mombasa team recently moved to endorse the Ruto 2022 candidature not out of love but because of the fear of the unknown.

It is interesting to capture the Kikuyu response to the peace deal. The welcome they’ve given it is itself proof that they’ve been yearning for a reproachment with the luo.

A peace arrangement with their erstwhile enemies can afford them an opportunity to wriggle themselves out of the 2022 debt owed to Ruto. Raila can surely help them upset the arrangement, allowing them an opportunity to field a parallel candidate in the 2022 race. The notion of Raila as a common enemy to both Uhuru and Ruto has been removed from the entire equation, and there’s effectively a new center of power, one far away from Ruto camp.

Expect a lonely deputy President as long as the peace deal holds, and that’s a good enough reason for the kalenjin folk to be apprehensive.

Finally, it has come out clearly that the US embassy in Kenya lacks the gravitas to legitimize a contested presidency. Rift valley could not do it for Uhuru, even with the millions of votes! The honour simply belongs to Kisumu, Raila, and his Luo kin.



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