Nyongo Pulls a Successful Coup
Kisumu Governor

Prof Peter Anyang Nyongo is a much respected luo intellectual, a man of unrivalled brilliance, a teacher, husband, father figure and a leader of international repute.

He has broken many ceilings and transcended many borders. He is one of those guys who make you sit up and listen to his lectures without putting effort. He is the epitome of class when it comes to sheer smartness.

Nyongo has been almost everything in terms of public service. From Parliament to Presidential candidacy to Senatorship and now Governor of the restless county of Kisumu.

Nyongo’s footprints loom large at the Planning ministry and devolution as a concept can be traced directly to him. He is now implementing the dream.

But all has not been rosy healthwise and the good professor has fought and won many battles in that front. He has had a battle with cancer and came out a winner.

Like all battles do, they leave behind fatigue. And the Governor looks weak, for lack of a fair word! Perhaps it is time to call it quits.

The latest saga in his health story should put the discussion right in the table. It might be callous and rude to discuss matters health, when it comes to an individual but when it affects public duties, silence becomes untenable.

Nyongo was taken ill during a public function and word on the street has it that he is not fit. Politics will cloud informed reason and his inner circle will always convey a message of, “everything is okay”.

Nyongo is known to always take the bull by the horns and it is time he did the same for Kisumu County. Governorship is demanding and might also be causing him the recurent breakdowns.

His continuous absence is also affecting service delivery. Factional wars have reportedly intensified and the county is not at ease.

Kisumu needs resolute leadership, a leadership which will stamp authority and see to it that policies and items of campaign are implemented as promised.

Resignation takes strength and Nyongo has it. Resignation is about selflessness. Resignation is about public good and the time is ripe for Nyongo to take a well deserved rest.


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