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A prominent Kenyan in Belgium James Ololo has killed the wife. According to their friend George Morara, James Ololo had an altercation with the wife and stabbed her to death.  Here is the facebook update by Morara breaking the news.

A prominent Kenyan in Belgium James Ololo has killed the wife. According to their friend George Morara, James Ololo had an altercation with the wife and stabbed her to death.  Here is the facebook update by Morara breaking the news.

Via George Morara

It’s my daughter Mekatilili’s 4th birthday today however I’ll postpone celebrations to another day.

I am deeply shocked to learn of the tragic events in Belgium involving my friends James Ololo and Elizabeth. I am at a loss.

In the last 4 years they visited us, and we enjoyed their hospitality in their home in Brussels. I last spoke with James just last week and yesterday I was informed that they had some kind of altercation and James stabbed Elizabeth to death.

Elizabeth was a Kenyan woman full of grace and incredible beauty, a mother and a great companion and partner for James. They both had grown children and all seemed to relate very well.

I am shocked and numb. My thoughts are with Elizabeth’s family and all the children at the centre of this tragedy. I am struggling to believe the news and while I am thankful for my daughter’s birthday, we will not celebrate as we do normally.

Men I want us to sit around the table and reflect together on what kind of anger, what kind of demon possesses a man to kill another human being within the family?! We should make all women in our homes feel safe however horrible and difficult they may be. I don’t really know the inside part of James and Elizabeth’s relationship however they were both very educated and seemed to relate on a very healthy level with lots of humour, warmth and likeness of mind.

We must learn to bring all strong emotions under our control. The alternative is a miserable tragic life.

I am so upset right now and just can’t believe my friend just killed his so very beautiful partner. We already have enough political tragedy to contend with….devastating…


  1. How many more sisters shall we loose? How many more children shall be motherless? How many more parents shall cry over their dead daughters? How many husbands shall end up in jail?
    Let’s stop this. Please, let’s not wait until it comes to this. Use that first moment to seek freedom. God has given us the gifts of intuition and discernment. Let’s use them. Let’s trust that God is able to sustain us socially and financially and restore our dignity and influence among our peers and community members.
    Not all deserve your precious heart, devotion and affection. Say no to abuse!

    If your spouse isn’t meeting your standards, let them go!

    It is well!! 🕊️💖

    • Very true, l had to run away from my marriage cos it was about to lead to death. Women let’s not pretend that all is well when it is not

    • Couldn’t have been said any better. To all the ladies , once the physical or emotional abuse starts please don’t hide behind closed doors talk to someone and/or get help.

      It’s never worth it…please let’s always know our worth and together let’s say no to violence.

  2. God help us!!!Men if you feel your love is gone or a woman is fed up with you don’t ever force love,don’t even live togeter for the sake of kids just disconnect from each other let it be and there comes the end of the story.Some men are so in human he deserves to die too.It doesn’t matter what they were arguing for men man up you can be better than this you can’t make a woman stick by you vise versa.

  3. This will s terrible. If you don’t agree or fall in love just walk away. This is going to be bad on the kids and the whole family

  4. Usually anyone talks to their friends about a problem like this and friends do help with advice. Personally I don’t ever think fighting to love someone that don’t feel the same about you is nonsense walk away from trouble is the best answer to this type of relationship. He should have been removed by the government once he violated the court orders and everyone should been fine. God grant us peace and save us from evil Amen.

  5. It’s sad! I wish something could have been done to avert this. Cases of spousal abuse and eventual deat don’t board well with the family system. It’s a sorry situation! Only God knows what transpired!

  6. Ahhh! This again! Even though the family unit is sacred, nobody is the property of another. Parting ways may sometimes be a blessing. God help us all. RIP Elizabeth. May the Lord console your family.

  7. My wife incited my son to fight me when I complained why the son gave my school going daughter alcohol. Later she packed and found the house empty forcing me abroad very lonely. The good part is God is my companion.


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