Jecinta Adhiambo arrested.

A popular Kenya porn ‘star’ has been arrested by the police following massive hunt down.

Jecinta Adhiambo, who sells nudes and videos online for 200 to 400 bob, some which are very ugly and ratchet, posted a clip having sex with a man as five-year-old child watched inside her house.

The video, also seen by vuguvugu online, shocked many who have complained that the two were molesting the kid, but who could be seen crying. The latest video comes after another one she released a couple of months ago showing her having sex with a fish.

Here is a post by Odumbe Mute who was leading the push to get her arrested.

Good people. Following my post on Tuesday requesting for information to get Jecinta Adhiambo (the fish pornstar) arrested for plying her trade with a semi-naked child in the room, I’d like to thank the individuals who have worked hard with the information and video evidence we provided.

Jecinter has been arrested in Nairobi this afternoon following the intervention of Child Services, the Online Child Protection Team and the DCI. She is currently a guest of the state and will hopefully be arraigned in court shortly and charged with the appropriate crimes including endangering the welfare of a child.

It’s amazing that through social media, we can come together and do what is right to protect our children. Thank you.


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