Jesus of Tongaren

Jesus of Tongaren is the newest god on the block

Does anyone know why Western Province has the highest number of Gods? Jesus of Tongaren is the newest God on the block!

The uncertainty of what will become of man after death has really made him overstretch his imagination beyond it’s possible elasticity and everyone is coming up with his religion, which he claims to be the “right” one, the one that takes people to heaven

Jehovah Wanyonyi told me how he created the whole world but again it was hard to believe him because he only had a “point”, a fraction of n acre of land for his Kingdom in Chemororoch. Could it be possible that he created all these land mass, then only took such a tiny portion for his Vatican?

He was simply lying. He had no clue how the world came to be. When I went the second time, the poor God had gone to be with himself. Dead people go to be with God and being God, it meant he had gone to be with himself. The sect’s spokesperson lied to me that the Wanyonyi was visiting his Kingdom in Cheranganyi but from I could tell he was no more because the many children running semi naked in the compound looked like orphans and being an experienced one, I can tell my fellow orphan from a kilometer away

Earlier on Wanyonyi had been admitted in MTRH with diarrhea which also makes one wonder if this God without power to heal his own diarrhea has any potency over his own creation.

The good thing about Jehova Wanyonyi is that his religion hasn’t killed or enslaved anyone. It hasn’t brutalized and looted any society. I am told upto a million Africans lie in the Atlantic Ocean, a result of slave trade made possible by those who brought Christianity and Islam into sections of Africa. The ship which brought the bible went with African’s stripped and chained for the slave market and an African observance of Christianity is akin to a Jew worshiping Hitler

Anyway a man, speciality an African must be religious. That is why he cuts down a mango tree, curve a God from the log, then start praying that the God gives him food, when he has just cut down a tree which gave him food. I will visit Jesus very soon in Tongaren and listen to him. I know being black he may not gain such a big following but nonetheless, I must listen to him!


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