Why Jubilee Supporters Will Lose
Poor jubilee supporters celebrating in Gatundu

Why Jubilee Supporters Will Lose More Than Raila Odinga

By Mike Okok

There is a group of Jubilee supporters (mostly from central Kenya) talking ill of Raila Odinga, trying to humiliate and dehumanize him and make it look like he has lost something. Yesterday I even saw some obviously desolate people portray a “dead Raila” in a box.

Let me tell you some painful bitter truth. Raila has achieved a lot, sometimes a lot that you may not even achieve a quarter of it in your entire life.

He has been a member of parliament and even the prime minister. You probably will never be an MCA.

He is one of the richest people in Kenya. His son and daughters will be managers and directors in family businesses. You, on the other hand, is struggling with life trying to sell dawa ya mende, tropical sweets and running up and down with city council askaris to make a living. With your degree and CV you will continue hopping from one office to another asking for even a sweeping job and you will never get any.

Raila will never line up with you in those public hospitals where there is no medicine, where doctors and nurses strike every day. He will never ask for a public contribution of money to treat himself, his son or his daughter of whatever kind of cancer. His family will never line up waiting for their turns for chemotherapy or dialysis at Kenyatta hospital. They will be at Nairobi hospital and later flown out to South Africa, in the UK or the US. On the other hand, my brother, even with Uhuru as your president, those filthy hospitals where you wait for 4-5 hours before seeing a doctor will be your fate. You will never raise cancer treatment money without public support.

His children will never go to those public schools that have no facilities and characterized by everyday striking teachers. His children will not go to the crowded public universities where you may not even step into because you did not get the required grade in your examinations and your parents are too poor to afford the cost of a parallel degree. Uhuru cannot help in this.

You are shouting how Raila is looser and you don’t even have an eighth of an acre of land. You do not even know where you will ever build your own house when Raila has several homes and thousands of acres of land. Unfortunately, Uhuru will do nothing about your situation.

We, the poor, even when you will die for Uhuru, will lose more than Raila. That is why some of us want a change. We have tried Uhuru and seen he can’t change our lives.

That is why we wanted to try Raila. But you my brother, have lost, not Raila


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