The KCSE alleged Mass Failure in 2017 Exams is nothing but a cartel fighting back.

By Mohammed Hersi

The mass failure narrative is being driven by various players who have benefited from the rogue system.

Some history may help shed light on this. In the first KCSE in 1989 we had four candidates with As. Students with B- and above were less than 1,000 nationwide, and at some point, University entry grade had to be dropped from B- to C+. In 1990 Kenya had 5 As nationwide. The third KCSE Kenya had only four As Nationwide.

Scoring an A those days was a serious affair and it came with a lot of respect. Those that qualified for university did so on merit. I have pointed out in my previous post about the high drop out rate at the school of medicine and school of law. You can fake your way through form four but there is no way out at school of law and school of medicine.

Then we commercialized the business of acquiring a degree from leaked exams to KNUT and enter all other willing players. Every small town and every street witnessed satellites campus sprouting up some at dingy corners teaching anything and everything as long as one was able to pay.

Enter Matiangi and he was seen to be spoiling the party hence he must be stopped and you wonder why are the press against him.

Please note Media Kenya never forgave Matiangi for pushing the digital TV launch down their throats. These same fellows switched us off for 7 days but Matiangi never blinked and they gave up. He won they were left wounded. Apart from the teachers and all the exam cartels the next lot to be affected by Matiangi move is media Kenya who will not be able to enjoy the mass heavy advertising by universities.

I am in corporate world , apart from Safaricom you tell me which other industry can afford a full ad in the dailies, well the new kid on the block is Sportpesa and the betting firms please they dont count for now. Universities are the only guys who can afford to run an entire insert of 10 pages in the dailies. If one colored page is Ksh1M then do your maths. Then add TV and online ads etc.

With fewer students joining universities it means the free flowing cash is now gone.

Just look around and see how universities have purchased prominent buildings in key towns. Right here in Mombasa, I know 4 such buildings where universities purchased them with ease. It is possible with all the mass university education which is now more of a conveyor belt for degrees.

Matiangi is fighting people with so many vested interests. He is the only one who has the guts to face these shameless fellows.

The narrative of mass failure is one that is well choreographed. It is not mass failure, it is all about cartels seeing the gravy train drying up as they watch. Folks we are talking big money here and cartel do what they do best, fight back.

From textbook to exam leakage to mass production of degrees, the cartels are coming out to fight. These cartels are the one ones who have reduced Kenya to a ” System Ya Majambazi”. What an irony that people you expect to be reformists and forward thinkers have fallen for the mass failure narrative hook line and sinker. Others have even called for a task force to be formed. What a joke. Please if you don’t support Matiangi the least you can do is to leave him to work in peace.

To Matiangi & Team, do what is right. Fear not, Kenyans are right behind you. Slay these shameless cartels and bring back sanity. The mass transfer of head teachers is long overdue and it is part of the demolishing the cartels. Why do you want to remain in one school for 15 years unless your interest is beyond just teaching .

There is nothing like mass failure , mass failure narrative is nothing but a lie. Folks let us celebrate the few true A’s. The rest who never attained an A can choose to become Journalists , Teachers, Nurses or a Hotelier like yours truly. Who said we are failures.

As always I choose to remain an optimist

Mohammed Hersi


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