Is Kenya Ripe For Civil Conflict

Is Kenya Ripe For Civil Conflict?

The country woke up to news of Kenyans being slaughtered in cold blood. Gory was the sight as Kenyans walked past the bodies as they went about their businesses.

The victims met their deaths in the most callous way, having been slaughtered like animals. Word has it that only members of specific communities were being singled out for killing. Now the moment you kill people from specific communities, the first message people construe is that of a declaration of war.

It is one massive poke in the eye and the target populations only see it as a call to war. Rumours and innuendos spread and people start doing irrational things. You start hearing news of people being stopped for identity cards and woe unto you if you find yourself in the wrong hands. When the other side hears that their people are being killed, they counter-attack and then the other side does the same and voilà, civil war. Reports are also coming through of vehicles being stoned because they are owned by “enemies”


Sabotage is also an element of war and the sooner the country deals with the situation, the better we will all be.

The situation we are in today requires resolute leadership but sadly this is where Kenya finds itself in the woods.

The week ending today has had its fair share of issues.

Raila returned to his country of birth and the leadership behaved in a manner that brought more tension in a country that has had a turbulent past. You don’t shoot people for going to welcome their leaders.

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Kenya requires less antagonism and confrontations of whatever nature must be avoided at all costs.

The Gakuru burial gave the world a sneak view of the type of leadership we have today. Leaders are so removed from reality and it could be seen from the kind of speeches they gave! Leaders present talked more about Raila than the dead man. You would have thought it was Raila being buried. Speeches should be sensitive and sensible.

The problem today is not about Luos. Neither is it about Raila. The problem is huge and it revolves largely around leadership.

Huge populations feel excluded and those within the fold are not even concerned about it. They speak back with ultimatums and mostly threaten violence.

The country needs to see less and less of people like Murkomen and Kuria and Kindikis and more and more of people with sensible thoughts.

Deployments of baton wielding policemen only serve to excite rebellion.

Stones start getting thrown and guns get fired. When guns are fired, people die and with death come hatred!

A serious ruling is expected from the supreme court and it would have been better if the country was calm.

What we have now is an air of defiance and violence and the Maraga ruling might just serve to ignite a very explosive situation!


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