The red cockrel called KANU
Moi Projects Uhuru Kenyatta and Gideon Moi


Many Kenyans have repeatedly dismissed him as a political novice who is quite far from the political high table.

Let’s walk down memory lane

In the early seventies up-to and until Jomo Kenyatta’s death, Gideon’s father Daniel arap Moi was dismissed as a passing cloud. A man who stood no chance of succeeding Kenyatta. A group calling itself the Change the Constitution Group led by Mbiyu Koinange, Njenga Karume, Kihika Kimani, etc came up with schemes designed to ensure that Moi, though being Kenyatta’s VP and therefore constitutionally placed to succeed him, would not do the same. Moi being a smart man worked behind the scenes to thwart the group’s plans. He didn’t disclose his counter attack though his adversaries were public loud and robust about theirs. Due to his silence, they even took him for a fool. What happened upon Kenyatta’s death proved to everybody who the fool was.

Fast forward to 2018, Gideon is laying out a political strategy whose final target is the Presidency or whichever seat shall be the most powerful around. He is starting to come out and is revitalizing a network that some thought was dead. The old KANU network is still very much alive. The most connected and most of the wealthiest people around have old KANU connections. Gideon and his father are making phone calls around. Dismiss him at your own risk

By the way someone tells me that William Ruto intends to visit parts of Luoland. If it’s true then it isn’t smart. He should wait for the dust to settle on Gideon’s recent visit. If he proceeds and Gideon maintains his Luoland expedition, Ruto will look desperate and as if doing a catch-up. Luos like it when all the attention is on them. They’ll thoroughly milk William Ruto


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