Kisumu Senator Fred Outa
Kisumu Senator Fred Outa

Kisumu Senator Fred Outa Spoiling For Fight With Governor Nyongo

By Edwin Omondi

War of whatever form is always driven by economic motives and that’s exactly what’s going on in Kisumu.

The senator has declared war on Nyongo and listening keenly to his arguments, you realize that it is a war of plunder. He is quite ambivalent towards the needs of the voters and is zeroing in on tenders!

He has suddenly realized that at the senate, he is are very far from the cookie jar and therefore wants to push for an appointment that would be friendly to his pockets

It makes a lot of sense for Outa to want to line his pockets as he is seeking to build a massive war chest for his next political run.

Outa has set his sights on governorship and the sooner he starts his campaigns the better it will be for him.


He has to muddy the waters by creating controversy after controversy. All are agreed that Nyongo and his deputy are doing a good job and the sooner Outa spoils the party, the better his chances will be.

By spoiling, he intends to make Nyongo bad in the eyes of the voter and in so doing, he presents himself as the peoples Messiah, thereby being good.

In his recent political appearances, he seeks to raise ruckus and even comes ready with a war team.

Around him are huge men with thuggish outlook and they come ready for violence.

How unique that what goes around comes around. Just the other day, Nyongo as a senator was putting to task, Ranguma on expenditure of county funds.

Today it is Nyongo in office with Outa, Rangumas clansman, pulling the oversight strings.

Outa has thrown the initial punches and Nyongo is yet to respond, a situation compounding Outas  ire.

Nyongo has made it clear he is out to transform Kisumu and will have no time for politically instigated side shows.

Outa as is known will create fuss after fuss and the good prof will respond in his usual signature style, bury his head in the task of building Kisumu.

The question of 50 50 power sharing is but to excite the passions of his Kano backyard for without a militant support base, he stands no chance in his 2022 gubernatorial run.



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