Latest Update on investigations over the death of Stephen Mumbo of PWC, Delta Towers

Investigative officers from the directorate of criminal investigations have camped at PWC offices at Delta towers in Westlands as claims emerge that someone else may have been involved in the death of Stephen Mumbo who fell from 17 floor.

Sources close to the offices reveals two conflicting theories have emerged on his death, putting police to task in a bid to unravel the truth.

It has also emerged that a worker at the building saw Stephen Mumbo struggling to hold on to the window before screaming as he plunged to death- an indication that someone may have been involved.

Kilimani OCPD Michael Muchiri revealed that “it is still too early to make a conclusion but we are also looking at the prospect of whether there was some involvement”.

It is said that Stephem Mumbo who works on the 12 floor was on the 17 th floor alone from where he fell to his death.

Another narrative fronted is that Mumbo may have committed suicide with Kilimani police boss stating that “There are very strong links that it was a suicide but this is just in theory”.

Preliminary investigations however show that the deceased had not exhibited any characteristics associated with suicide victims, and give credence to the theory that something else may have caused the fall.

The late Stephen Mumbo served as an Assistant Manager at the Forensics department of the firm. In their lie of duty, forensic auditors often come across sensitive information as they dig and find fraud in company accounts.

A statement from the from PwC said “Steve fell off 17th floor early this morning. Investigations are ongoing by relevant authorities”.

Scanty information has been forthcoming from the audit firm on the personality of the deceased and what really transpired at PWC offices at on Friday.


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