Lucy Ngirita, Ann Ngirita's mother rushed to KNH after falling ill

Lucy Ngirita, Ann Ngirita’s mother rushed to KNH after falling ill

Lucy Ngirita was on Tuesday evening rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) during a court session.

Lucy is the mother to Ann Ngirita who came to the public limelight after she was accused of receiving Sh59 million for supplying ‘air’ to the National Youth Service (NYS).

Anti-corruption court magistrate Douglas Ogoti directed prison authorities to escort Lucy Ngirita to Kenyatta National Hospital for treatment.

This came after she notified the court that she required special treatment.

According to her lawyer Cliff Ombeta, Lucy said she had been unwell, and the treatment she was getting in remand was not enough.

The Director of Public Prosecution did not oppose the application but said she should be taken to the referral hospital under tight security


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