Kenya terror attack



FIVE OF THE BIG TRIBES were fully represented in the Dusit Hotel attack for which enemies of Islam are now seeking to scapegoat Kenyan Muslims especially SOMALIS.

Kikuyus were represented by Gichunge and Wainana.
Kisii were represented by Violet Kemunto Omwoyo.
Kambas were represented by Oliver Muthee.
Merus were represented by Gladys Kaari.

Luhyas cannot be absent where private security guards are involved and The Star today said the guards assisted the terrorists to hide arms in the armory.

FIVE identifiable plus any number of culpable Luhyas.
Against that count three Somalis and one Swahili.

And the enemy hacks hired by Western churches who I have been clashing with daily or weekly in blogs from Kenya to Nigeria would have us blamed solely for Dusit.

But Dusit unlike Westgate has taken the lid off in a very glaring manner the role non-Muslim and fake Kenyan Muslims play in assisting Alshabaab to wreak havoc on their own country.

What is the motive? Is it money?

There can’t be much money involved to go by the past experiences of those who had been lured to cross the border before.
It is most likely political. Internal political factors.

Out there in blogosphere there are many Kenyans who call out for a revolution to end the current status quo.

Kisumu governor Anyang Nyongo said after the January 30 swearing in of Raila Odinga that Kenya was now on the third stage of its liberation struggle -revolution.

This is why you find that those non-Somalis joining Alshabaab cut across ethnic divisions. Dissatisfaction with corruption is one of the main reasons for the discontent. Other factors include soaring rate of youth unemployment and widening gap between the haves and have-nots
When it comes to eating they are all alike -Jubilee and Nasa.

And the people are bitter. Alshabaab does not need to come looking for people who are in this frame of mind. They go looking for Alshabaab.
Unless investigators and government bear this in mind and distinguish between genuine Alshabaab attacks and hybrid ones like the Dusit attack they will never get the right picture.

That is why Muslim haters employed by Western churches are having the time of their life right now heaping all the blame on Islam and Muslims never mind that their tribesmen were in the forefront.

But facts cannot be buried or wished away.

Facts like it was two Muslim brothers who were among the first to be gunned down by the terrorists.

They cannot hide the fact that Inayat Khan a Muslim led people out of Dusit to safety.

They cannot hide the fact that Abbas Guleit the Red Cross secretary general and his team of responders were there ahead of government disaster rescue teams as Abbas Guleit has always been there so many times before.

Let the haters first give us convincing explanations why their fellow tribesmen dead or in court played such a leading role in Dusit instead of pinning it on us.

Mohamed Warsama


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