Matatu Ban To Nairobi CBD Takes Effect as Thousands Walk To Work (Photos)

Matatu Ban To Nairobi CBD Takes Effect as Thousands Walk To Work (Photos)

Kenyans have woken up to another transport mess caused by the move to ban all public transport vehicles from the Central Business District.

Most commuters have been forced to walk long distances to board a vehicle to their different destinations.

The police were on the streets from as early as 4:00 am in order to ensure that the rules were adhered to.

These transport woes and the heavy price of commute have been occasioned by City Hall ban on matatus from picking up and dropping off passengers in the CBD without clear alternatives to commuters connecting from the CBD.

Sources confirmed to vuguvugu online that police had been briefed on Sunday concerning the implementation of the ban, which has proved futile for several years.

The biggest losers in the new directive are PSV operators, who will lose business, commuters who will have to trek on unpaved roads wasting time and in bad weather’ and traders who rely on matatus to ferry their merchandise to and from the CBD.

PSVs in the capital had vowed to defy the order issued last Thursday, raising fears of a possible clash with authorities.



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