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Migori man buys own coffin to ‘die’ over wife “disrespect yet he is related to Rasanga, Orengo and Jakoyo”

A man from Aroso estate in Migori town bought a coffin and said he wanted to die over disturbance with wife.

The man known as Awilo JaSiaya, a bodaboda operator in town, bought a coffin in Migori town worth Sh13,000, checked if he could fit and hired another boda boda riders to take it to his house.

Wearing Siaya governor Amoth Rasanga campaign reflector jacket, Awilo complained that despite being related to the governor, senator James Orengo and Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo his wife still does not respect him and denies him his conjugal rights.

“I have powerful relatives but my wife still disrespects me and denies me my conjugal rights,” Awilo told Migori News reporter.

He said they were married in 2,000 where they were living happily when he was a water vendor but things changed when his wife got loans from chamas and started earning more than him.

“My wife has been disturbing me ever since her fortunes changed for the better, I cant talk to my mother in law since I am shy,” the father of three, with eldest daughter being in form two said.

Alphonce Odhiambo, the carpenter who made the coffin, said he was shocked when the man bought the coffin in cash before telling them he was the body which was to be buried.

“He did not complain of the price, we were shocked when he jumped in the coffin after paying saying he was the body. He called boda boda riders who picked him away in his coffin,” Odhiambo said.

But neighbours said the man was chased from his rental house after getting drunk and always asking his wife for his conjugal rights in open.

“He once went to Migori referral mortuary and told a mortician that he was the body and wanted to be preserved in a freezer,” a neighbour said.



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