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Moses Kuria claimed he was almost in daily contact with President Uhuru Kenyatta c9nsulting on issues affecting Mt Kenya in particular and the country generally.

He appeared to lose that favorite status after launching his attack on President Uhuru’s development track record in Central. Kuria’s claim that Uhuru’s development plans were skewed in favor of opposition strongholds stung the President who retaliated by asking “washenzis” to leave him alone. That appeared to send a signal to Kuria that the days of calling the President were over.

What Uhuru did not bargain for was Kuria’s bluff that he would retaliate by resigning his Gatundu South seat.

Apparently at Uhuru’s behest allies David Murathe and Njee Muturi were hurriedly sent to Kuria to talk him out of quitting the seat. Murathe went in first and talked with him long into the night with Njee following up the next day.

Eventually Kuria backed down. But he must have got his old status back.

The last thing Uhuru would have wanted was for motor mouthed Kuria storming Central Region after resigning and making inflammatory speeches that the region had been marginalized by the President who was one of their own.

For Uhuru a pacified Kuria in his corner is more preferable than an angry jobless Kuria on the warpath.

The Swahili word shenzi is probably from the English slang words shindig and shindy. In slang shindig means an altercation, a violent quarrel, a tremendous fuss ex sense 3 in shindy. Shindy in sense 3 means a row or commotion.

The Swahili kishindo is probably from them.

Another plausible etymology of shenzi is the slang sheeny which in a person means fraudulent and in money means base.

Sheeny ultimately originated from sheeny usually with a capital S. meaning a Jew and is considered offensive.

Mohamed Warsama


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