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Most Kenyan Women Cheat On their Spouses Openly and Expect To Get Away With It Easily

By Wesley Mwadime Charo

Most women cheat on their spouses so openly and expect to get away with it so easily. Some women even believe that after being busted cheating, a “real man” should always tell them “babe I love how you cheat on me with Mr. so and so” and get a bunch of roses thereafter. Unlike men, a woman caught in action cheating would defend herself by bringing up all the mistakes her boyfriend or husband has ever done since he was born just to justify why she allowed another man to undress her, spice up her intimate moments, take her to the moon and back and for some few minutes, make her forget that she’s married or dating someone else.

In today’s world, you spend all your time, energy and resources to impress the most beautiful your eyes has ever spotted. You later visit her parent’s home accompanied with tens of relatives to pay her dowry and make her your one and only, officially. Soon thereafter, you begin mobilizing funds from all your friends and relatives to throw the biggest wedding party for the woman you call yours. In that wedding, you display how much a macho you are by the dozens of Range Rovers, who’s who in the society and elegance that can only be found in the same place at the the same time, strictly on your wedding day. To prove to the woman you call yours that you can also pull international surprises, you export her to Dubai, Mauritius or Seychelles for your honeymoon. Assuming her periods never coincided with the honeymoon, everyone back in Kenya assumes that the two of you will definitely experience heaven on earth while abroad.

After the honeymoon is over and all the unnecessary excitement has expired, reality starts to sinking in bit by bit. This is the moment where most men realized that dowry does not transfer the ownership of the “nunu” from the original owner to the boychild. It’s like the parking fees we pay “kanjo” to park our cars in town. You pay for space not to own the street. If you are lucky to find a wife who can never cheat on you no matter the circumstances at hand, bro, thank God oh!


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