The Kenyan political scene is wilder than the famed West. Today you are consorting with the powers that be, tomorrow you find yourself between an anvil and a heavy hammer. When it comes to political banditry, we set the pace. Zimbabwe has always been out loyal student.

Politics is obviously a game of swords. Some compare it to a game of chess. In a game of chess, there are pawns, then there are kings, with each of the opposing side constantly plotting against each other. Furthermore, a game if chess is like a sword fight. You must think first before you move lest you open your flanks for fatal counter attacks.

If thinking is a prerequisite in the treacherous world of Kenyan politics, then Murkomen found himself in the rain. The counter-plotters beat him at his game.

Emotional blackmail is a key ingredient in Kenyan politics, especially in the Rift Valley. It is a province with all manner of historical grieviences and dirty politicians have harped on these grievances to advance personal agendas.

Land has always been a very emotive issue and it is a shame that with the vast tracts of land under absentee ownership, squatters litter the expansive province. There are immigrants buying land and then there are the grumbling hosts. Murkomen belongs in the host community, a people whose leaders enjoyed unfettered power for 24 straight years but still find themselves trapped in poverty.

They say religion is the opium of the masses but in the rift valley, politics of emotions has become the new item of holding the masses on tenterhooks. All the politicians have to do is identify an item, then cling on it.

Mau is the largest water tower in the east African region. It feeds Egypt and the Sudans with fresh water. Without Mau, Egypt and Sudan would be staring at extinction.

Mau  host communities can benefit a great deal by having these Northern Countries pay for it’s conservation. Egypt and Sudan are OPEC countries and paying for the protection of Mau cannot possibly be a big issue. All that’s needed is for the leaders of the host communities to be aggressive on the matter. They can have the government move to renegotiate the 1929 Nile Agreement by adding financial incentives to the texts.

The Kyoto Protocol also provides for a Carbon Offset Scheme where polluters elsewhere compensate non polluters wherever they’re.

Mau is a natural carbon sink! It is vast in size and can absorb over 20 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare per year due to photosynthetic conversion of CO2 into starch, cellulose, wooden mass and others like lignin. The potential in Mau is vast. Mau can bring dollars. Real cash. Money which can be used to improve the lot of the people living around the catchment areas.

But the MPs are visionless. The leaders are blinded by greed and power. Power matters to them more than the means. The people are mere pawns, objects in the wider political game, 2022 being the main goal.

The Mau controversy is not a new thing. Ruto used it to kick Raila out if the Rift Valley. It became a campaign issue and Raila paid the price. He no longer owes the lenjin nation any debt when it comes to Mau and those who were used then, know it.

It was a huge surprise when Murkomen suddenly stormed the airwaves howling and shouting about the Mau issue, bringing with him Raila Odinga’s name.

Mau was suddenly back on the political table as an object of incitement.  Jubilee government itself, led by Uhuru at position one, Ruto at two and Murkomen at position six in the hireachy order, commissioned a task force which strongly recommended the eviction of the Mau forest invaders. It was Ruto himself who delivered the evition notice, even using the words, “mimi  sitaki mchezo”.  It is a wonder now that Murkomen, of all the jubilee leaders, is now crying foul, blaming Raila again for the same.

A country cannot move forward if it keeps looking back. The Mau issue has to be expedited with and time is of essence. Murkomen and his team are choosing convenience over reason because the 2022 game plan is more important than the Mau issue. After all, rain comes from heaven!

But again, there’s a new surprise! Murkomen has suddenly disappeared from airwaves! He is silent. He seems to have suddenly abandoned  the Mau story! He is loudly mute and people are asking why? What new trickery are they concocting? Has the Mau game plan fallen apart?

Uhuru has made it clear that before him are four legacy items and anybody who threatens them will be run over. Jubilee stalwarts did not equivocate when they used the term, ” run over!” Uhuru knows Mau is a ruse, an object of distraction and did not bother to respond to Murkomen’s theatrics.

Murkomen and his team are not that clean when it comes to matters integrity. The country is reeling from scandal after scandal, mostly perpetrated by people affiliated to their team and a threat of prosecution can be enough to shut the loud mouths, the likes of which we see on the Murkomens of this nation.

The question we can ask today is: Which  button has Uhuru pressed? What do they have on Murkomen? Are they black mailing him? Perhaps they are blackmailing Murkomem’s boss. We know he is just Ruto’s dog. Now again, let’s ask, “For how long will we wait until the box is opened?” The fact remains that the box will open for there are many cards still under the table!




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