It would appear Achille Mbembe had Kenya and much of Africa in mind when he explored the term Necropolitics in an article of the same name.

Necropolitics is the use of political power to dictate and control how people live and, consequently, die. It is using  both social and political machinations to entirely control peoples lives.

Kenya is a classic case of Necropolitics. Politicians have taken control of all aspects of the citizens lives.They commit all manner of acts which lead directly or indirectly to the death of Kenyans. However long a Kenyan lives, he or she will eventually succumb because of  a factor directly or indirectly controlled by a politician.

Politicians incite violence on populations, calling upon their supporters to murder, rape and disposses  perceived opponents. That’s more overt. But we can look a little deeper and the moment we settle our gaze, it will be obvious that we’re led a murderous group of thieving politicians.

Through the acts of people in authority, Kenyans are exposed death, slavery and other forms of subjugation which in the long or short term lead to eventual death.

Necropolitics is a theory of walking dead! Look at the sugar Kenyans are consuming today. It is raw, dirty, moist, polluted with heavy metals and sold at extortionist prices.

You toil for a whole day and the wages you earn go into paying for poisons which you gleefully consume. …until the politicians start squabbling over the share of the market.

The sugar scandal came as a twin of the maize scandal. Farmers are deliberately given fake seeds, fake fertilizers and then to add salt to injury, a pest infestation is unleashed on those whose farms defy sabotage.

What follows is the over importation of cheap maize from farmers in other countries, effectively killing Kenyan farmers! Necropolitics.

When you import from a neighbouring country, you throw away capital, killing local industry while empowering the competing economies.

But who cares! It is time for the politicians to make billions, not millions. Look at the plight of the NYS suppliers! Businessmen take loans to come through on their hard earned tenders and when the time for pay comes,  ghosts are given precedence over the living. Guys are committing suicide. Businesses are being auctioned. And guess what, the politicians are smiling all the way to the bank.

Health is a very important segment and when there are reports that corruption has infested it, only death comes calling.

Ministry of Health officials are reportedly building fairy tale palaces as hospitals rot away. They import mobile clinics at inflated costs then keep them to rot.

They tell you they are pioneering a surgical procedure and the patient ends up dying in the full glare of the cameras…with an entire county government leadership watching. That kidney transplant was stone cold murder!

At the Health Insurer, scandals abound. They would rather pay private hospitals than public hospitals from the Kitty yet that very same Kitty is funded by the public.

A public hospital is reimbursed kshs 5000 for c-section birth while a private one gets 17000 for the same! They collect money from poor Kenyans and then give it to shadowy people running private hospitals. Little do they appreciate that poverty is the biggest enemy to public health.

I cannot forget police brutality and neither will I gloss over politically instigated violence.

Kenyans are five times more likely to be shot by the police,  for no apparent reason, than anywhere in the whole wide world. It means Kenyans are even safer with criminals than with the police.

They shoot you even when you’re running away. They shoot children in their playgrounds, in the balconies….they club sleeping children on orders from politicians… Nothing is more expendable than a Kenyan’s life.

Look at our roads. See the corruption! For a mere 50 Bob, the police look away as traffic offenses carry the day.

How many kenyans die of road accidents? The numbers are ghastly. You leave for a journey and chances are that you’re not going to reach your destination in one piece.

You’re not even safe while on foot, for you’re already dead, walking  dead!



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