NEMA is turning into a rogue body. The purported closure of Burma Market over continued used of plastic bags by some traders has no basis in logic or law. There is no law that allows for collective punishment. Crimes are committed by individuals.

In enforcing the plastic bags ban NEMA has adopted a retrogressive and primitive approach where it is turning to blind enforcement without concerns over what businesses are going through in seeking to comply.

NEMA should help the businesses to comply by assisting them in accessing and adopting alternative packaging. The brutal enforcement is economic sabotage and impunity of the highest order.

It is a shame that the Jubilee regime which talks of creating employment as a priority has been frustrating businesses with dubious and thoughtless policies.

The economy has faltered and stagnated under a chaotic policy environment leaving millions facing abject poverty. This has triggered an economic crisis never seen in recent history of this country.

Unless something is done urgently to stabilize the policy environment this economy will collapse completely and will take decades to recover. What we are witnessing currently are just the first installments of what is to come.


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