By Ken Mijungu

Good people two days ago i asked you to help me inform some people here to call me, Thank you for your inboxes and contacts. They did and i have since gathered more about them. They masquerade as professionals, they are white collar thugs. Emotionless, empty souls who will see you go to your grave and feel nothing. Together with West European Group S.A.R.L

Weng Fu Limited, West European Group S.A.R.L, Coast Development Authority, Kwale County Government they have conspired to kill me. The man behind this is one Delano Longwe Kiilu of phone numbers 0712044555, 0727934001 and Saleh Wachuli Mung’ang’a of phone numbers 0724341808 and 0724726514. Through their fictitious company shelter Solution limited, they stole from me and now want to kill me to cover it up. If i wake up tomorrow, i will post all the messages, voice recordings and Whatsapp chats.

In the meantime call them and plead for my life if you can. Thank you.

Delano Longwe Kiilu

Saleh Wachuli Mung’ang’a


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